Prioritize HubSpot Chatflows on Your Website

Have you been waiting with anticipation for the day when you could actually prioritize Chat flows on your website with your HubSpot chat BOTS then guess what? It’s time to party like it’s 1999 Oh and you know what time it is. Are you a HubSpot user looking for fun and interactive? education that helps you be better at HubSpot then welcome to Sprocket song that’s right. It’s your boy George V Thomas from sprocket song comm bringing you yet another HubSpot educational video make sure you hit that subscribe button and the belt as well for those instant notifications now Let’s get in to the good stuff Now live in hub spot conversations is the ability for you to prioritize the order in which your chat flows Display on your website. Imagine with me for a second your company is hosting a very important event and as a Marketer you want to drive promotion for that event to increase signups via live chat or chat? Bots you build a new chat flow specifically to promote this event But there are already other standard chat BOTS live on your website you stop and think to yourself. Well crap Now what no worries with this hub spot conversations update It’s easy to prioritize the chat flows over existing chat lows on your website pages That means it’s as simple as a click and drag motion for you to prioritize Promoting your event or anything else that you want to promote With the chat flow on your website over whatever standard chat lows your website page typically shows So when your very important event is over turn off the chat flow and the priority will switch back to your standard chat flow Operation that’s amazing and it’s super simple Drag done gone. Yeah. Thanks HubSpot You see historically there wasn’t an easy way to do this if you were super savvy you might have learned that you could go through all your chat flows try to understand which ones Overlap and then turn off all the conflicting chat flow. So this one could run but who the heck has time for that? I mean you don’t and I for sure don’t well again now it’s as simple as a quick drag and drop in the order that You want to see your chat flows fire on your website? So you might be wondering for George How does it work great questions? You’ll now see a priority column on your chat flows page change the prioritization of your chapel Oh by clicking-and-dragging the panel under the priority column alternatively You could also change the priority of your chat flow by clicking on the more tab on each chat flow and clicking move to top Or move to bottom once you’ve set the priority the chat flows will appear on your website in that order pom sauce So who gets this amazing HubSpot conversation chat bot update well You’ll be excited to know this update is now live and available to all host bot users in all languages supported by hub squad Hey, did you like this video want to get more actionable sales marketing and service? Tutorials updates interviews and more ready to be part of the fastest growing community of HubSpot users on the planet then head over to sprocket comm Pick the package that’s right for you and keep on learning make sure you hit that subscribe button and the bell as well for those Instant notifications and last but certainly not least Make sure you’re focused on being a happy helpful humble human and along the way make sure you’re doing some happy hub spotting

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