Sebastian – Russian episode. 14 years in Affiliate Marketing. Master of popunder traffic

Sebastian – Russian episode. 14 years in Affiliate Marketing. Master of popunder traffic

Affiliate marketing is dead.
Do you want to be in affiliate marketing for the rest of your life?
If possible, sure. Have you ever wanted to, you know, to do something
that has an impact, good impact? For the world?
Mm-hmm. No, not really. I love to to sit in the front
of my computer, to look at the screen, to look at the tables, at the stats, at the numbers
and… As a prize we can have your, you know, private
one-to-one coaching. What do you think about it?
Sure. So, you were making, like, nearly $13,000
monthly. A month, yeah. With no work at all.
Hi everybody! ZorbasMedia here, an informational source about affiliate marketing and traffic
arbitrage. We talk to the most notable companies and people in the world of affiliate marketing
and are trying to understand what it takes to achieve success and build a solid online
business. For that we travel the world to visit our heroes, but today we decided to
do things differently. We invited our guests to visit us here in Saint Petersburg, Russia.
The affiliate community in Russia is huge and it’s growing very fast. And we just thought,
why not to show a part of this beautiful country to our audience? A few words about our guest.
He has been involved in affiliate marketing for nearly 14 years, worked with all kind
of traffic and made lots of money. Let me introduce you to Sebastian from Germany, and
let’s talk affiliate marketing. Hey, Sebastian.
Do you have any campaigns that are being run right now while we are walking?
At this moment, for sure. But I have no active campaigns I have to take care of or have to
maintain. So, for the time being here I stopped everything so that I don’t have to worry about
it. But then I also have some campaigns that are running for some… for many years already,
for four, five, six years. And they are just, you know, just running.
For five years? You have campaigns that are being run for five years?
Yeah, yeah, sure. Jesus.
And, of course, these are running, and I don’t have to do anything. In the end I just need
to check every few weeks or so, adjust a little bit a bid or, I don’t know…
Do you need to, you know, do any kind of optimization? No, they are optimized.
So, they are just run on the background, kind of, and just bring you money?
Yes, it’s like, it’s like a little bit, I would say, my auteur adjustment. And when
nothing is running, these campaigns are still running and bring some money. And, yeah, pretty
much easy to keep them running. Do you have anyone who helps you with your
campaigns when you are, you know, away? Me, myself and I.
MegaPush. It’s the first and biggest push notification ad network. Claim your 15% top
up on your first deposit regardless of the amount. Link in the description. And good
luck with testing! What kind of traffic have you had your hands
on in all the time throughout your career? Yeah, I started with pier-to-pier traffic,
torrent traffic, then in 2009-2010 I also ran Facebook traffic. Of course, all the time
I also tested display banner traffic and now I mostly run pop traffic. For many years I
focused… my main traffic was PPV traffic, AdWords traffic. Yeah, so, many different,
and I also had some campaigns running promoting job offers. And, so, yeah, many different
things… All kinds of traffic, pretty much.
Yes, yes. I also tested some viral traffic a bit, some comments and stuff. So, I tried
many different things. The only thing I never really tried is search engine optimization.
But besides that pretty much everything? Yeah, many different things, yes.
Have you ever tried push notifications? Yes, I first tried them in 2012 or so.
Alright. I thought it’s kind of new source of traffic.
Yeah, yeah. This is what everyone is thinking, but it’s not pretty… it’s not really new.
They were there many years ago already, but there’s a… As far as I remember, it was
more like in-app notification. Yeah, that was in-app, yeah.
And then Google cracked down on it and deleted many apps from their Play Store, or App Store,
whatever it was called in those days. And so, yeah, it was not that big anymore. And
now with web push notification it comes back again and also gets bigger and, for sure,
I also tested push here and there, but I didn’t have any big campaigns running there, and
it’s also… Yeah, it’s an interesting traffic, and I know you can promote many different
verticals with it, but I think to myself as long as pop traffic is doing good for me,
why should I then switch to something else? Are you focusing on some specific verticals?
Yes, it’s not that I, that I run them exclusively and nothing else, for sure, I also test different
things, but I would say I have about two or three verticals I really like to run and where
I try to… Let’s name them.
Yeah, I like to run a financial stuff, for example. I like to run CPI stuff and also
I like to run sales, so, but… Sales. Like what? Like nutra, kind of?
No, no, no. Every kind of sales. More from traditional networks, you know, nothing to
do with CPA stuff. So, that can be for clothing stores or electronic devices.
But as for popunder, is it also working? Ok, no. This is not working that good for
popunder. This is for… Ok, but for popunder traffic?
Yeah, popunder, it’s really more like… the best is, in my opinion, financial stuff
and also, yeah, probably… What kind of financial stuff? It’s like loans
or… No, no, no, no. For example, cryptos.
You know, I’m really surprised that crypto offers are still working.
Yes. And do you still run them?
Yes. And what average ROI you see?
It’s… I would say, some… What is decent ROI for you?
For example, I will try to focus on campaigns with pretty high ROI, and not only, you know,
not ROI when you then have to get your profit by volume. And I try to, I try to get 100%
ROI on my campaigns. Of course, it’s not every time possible, but this I would say is…
100 plus, you say? Yes, yes. I would say this is the minimum
I try to reach. So, and it’s so when… It’s not every time possible, but especially when
you have higher payout offers, then it’s often good to work with, and for this crypto stuff,
really, I’m not into all these things myself. I never bought any cryptocurrencies myself
or so. I don’t know anything, and I don’t even know how it’s working. I know it’s called
blockchain, but I don’t know how it’s working or what it does and I don’t even know for
what to you use it, but I know that the offers are converting and so that’s all I can tell
about it, not more. And for what countries you run crypto offers?
The countries, mostly Western European countries, Northern… Higher tier countries, because…
Also when… the thing’s also when you run them on CPA, for example, it’s mostly that
almost for all of the offers the first time deposit is $250. And so, you can imagine $250
in a country like South Africa or India is a little bit different compared to countries
like Germany or USA or Canada. So, it makes more sense to run them also in the higher
tier countries. And you run them on pop-under traffic?
Yes. What is the first thing that’s coming to your
mind when you hear Russia? Vodka.
Cheers, man. Welcome to Mother Russia. You can speak a little bit of Russian? Tell
me a little bit about that. How did you learn it?
You know, there’s very few things I know. But, you know, the rest is more like the cursing
stuff you don’t want to tell openly in public. How did you learn it? All these basic words.
When I was younger, I was living for about, I think, three years in the former GDR, you
know, Eastern Germany. And then when I came to seventh grade we had to choose the second
foreign language, and we could choose between French and Russian.
So, you took Russian? Of course, of course.
Do you know that affiliate community is quite big in here.
I know. And do you know any Russian affiliates by
any chance? I don’t think so, but it’s pretty funny I
was thinking, I think, last year or two years ago I was thinking about refreshing my Russian
anyway because I see that more and more CPA networks from Russia are available, or maybe
not all of them for the worldwide community that were maybe already active in Russia or
for longer, and also more traffic sources, and I thought… Yeah, I mean, I can still
read the Cyrillic language and maybe it’s good to refresh the Russian. And yeah, so,
it’s pretty nice to finally be here. Yeah, thank you for coming. As for German
affiliate community, is it also big? Do you know many German affiliates?
No, I don’t know many. I know… personally I only met one in my whole life.
Really? But also I don’t, I don’t attend these affiliate
conference and this stuff because… Yeah, again, I just like to work really on my own
just for me. And so, I don’t know… I know there are many German affiliates, and also
some very successful ones, but I don’t have really big insights into the German community
itself, so… Why have you never visited any of affiliate
conferences? No… Usually it’s… Maybe it sounds pretty
strange when I’m, you know, walking around here with you, but in the end I really don’t
like the publicity or being in public and just want to, you know, quietly work in the
background just for me. And so, I don’t really like to go to these conferences. I already
made good six figures before I even knew basically what is affiliate marketing. I had no idea
what is anything. I… for several years I didn’t use any tracking software, I didn’t
know about any traffic sources or CPA networks. So, you just were sitting in front of your
computer on your own and were making six figures. I don’t know, I just… Yeah. But when I started,
I just… but it’s a pretty funny story in the end. I got my first computer in 2005.
It was a used one, and there was only Windows installed and no sound drive, there’s was
nothing. I had no internet and so I could do nothing with the computer in the end.
How did you make your first money in the Internet? Well, at this time I was using torrents a
lot, you know, for downloading legal stuff, of course.
Of course. And so, yeah, this is how I knew. I mean,
in the torrent client you can see how many people download the stuff, and this means
there’s traffic available. And so I just said I would use it to my advantage, and I also
used it to bring people to the forum. And so, I just, yeah, I just had, you know, some
RAR password archives, created some really, really, really cheap landing pages, websites,
whatever you would call it. How did you bring traffic to your websites?
With Torrents. I uploaded the torrents to some, you know, torrent download websites,
and people downloaded my torrents, and then it was, you know, in a password, in RAR archive,
and when they want to get to the content, there was a… just a link to my website where
I had a password. And really it’s the cheapest and really most basic and simple websites
you can imagine with just… And passwords were on your website?
Yeah, yeah, yeah. It was really just on websites that had no real content. It was just, you
know, the name of the torrent, the passwords, and that’s all. And then I just put some some
banners on the website and, yeah, that’s all. Do you like all this computer stuff in general?
Are you a computer nerd? Not really, not really. I mean… Not really.
I like to play around sometimes with software and I’m interested… It’s interesting what
else you can do with it, but in the end I… Yeah, computer itself, from the technical
side, sure, it’s pretty interesting, but all the Internet stuff is what I really don’t
like and I’m absolutely no friend of all these things.
So, when did you start to be an affiliate marketer full time?
This was in January 2009. At this time I still, I had a nine-to-five job and I took some holiday
in January, and I already had no… it was not a full-time job anymore because I was
working only half the time at this time. And I had some, you know, special working hours,
I would say. And yeah, then last day of my holiday, I called the office to talk about
my work times for the next week and they gave me very, very bad times that I didn’t like,
and I told them, “Hey, I’m only working half time. I really have too many hours already,
and it’s not… I’m not… I don’t feel good with this plan.” And they told me,
“Yeah, but we need people. We have to do it.” And I say, “You know what? Just give
me times whatever you want, I will just cancel my job.” And then…
And then you quit? Yeah. And then they just gave me some really
stupid and really bad times, and then I just went to the office, I quit the job.
And since that you have never worked for someone? No, only for me.
Thanks for watching the interview. This is Sebastian from Mother Russia. Please, subscribe
to the channel. What do you enjoy the most about your job?
Yeah. Just freedom. I mean, in the end I can absolutely decide on my own when I want to
work, what I want to do, where I want to promote, what offers I want to run. I’m not limited
to work on my computer at home, I can just leave if I want to, in the summer I can just
grab my laptop and go to the garden and work from there or if I want I can even go to the
beach and work. And it’s… in the end, it’s really, it’s complete freedom also. When I
don’t… when I just want to have enough to pay my stuff, then I don’t need to work that
much. When I want to have more money, then I work more. So, in the end it’s total freedom.
Do you want to be in affiliate marketing for the rest of your life?
If possible, sure. I mean, in all the years for sure I also thought about building a team,
I don’t know, train someone to do the media buying for me, or I also thought about building
a bigger business, or coming up with ьн own product, all these things. But in the
end for me it’s also, it’s also fun. I mean, I like to run campaigns, I like to, also I
like to have an idea, to run into roadblocks, then to do some brainstorming and find solutions
for my problems, to find a workaround, and it’s just… For me it’s also just fun. It’s
like… I love to to sit in the front of my computer, to look at the screen, to look at
the tables, at the stats, at the numbers and to go through, to analyze it, to collect data,
to track things down. It’s just for me… I I love this stuff.
How many hours do you spend in front of your computer?
I would say… Really, when I really should… On the average, I would say it’s really somewhere
between one and five hours or so. It’s… Between one and five hours?
Yeah. And how much do you make monthly on average?
This also depends. For me, I try so that I see I make at least, I would say, three thousand
euros to pay all my stuff, three-four thousand euros. And that’s what I then make without,
yeah, without, you know, working too hard for it. And so, for me it’s really… And
in the end you can see it’s different steps. The first step for me is just that I want
to have enough to pay my bills and to have a very good and relaxed life. So, and then
I try to get it done with as less work as possible. And, yeah, then I do the steps and
I run campaigns to reach that goal and then I try, the next thing is not that I try to
increase the money and then I scale with more work, but then I try to find a way if I can
make more money with the same work involved. And, yeah, when it’s good and it’s okay, but
if not, then I have everything I need to pay my stuff and then I’m also absolutely satisfied
with it. So, you firstly try to reach three-four thousand
euros… Yes.
…to pay your bills. And just have a good life, you know. Just
have a good and relaxed life. Mm-hmm. So, but can we say that on the average
you make between three and ten thousand, something like that?
Yes, probably yes. And if you want it, would you be capable of
making more? Yes, for sure. I mean, in the end it’s my
own decision. It addresses my focus a little bit different. I definitely know when I…
It’s a thing when I would work more, I would earn more, but I don’t want to work more and
so I don’t earn more. And so, it’s a pretty easy calculation. Yeah, you know, in affiliate
marketing everyone dreams about Ferrari… Yeah.
…cars, Hublot watches, and you seem to be different.
Yeah, but for what? Yeah, address me these ones. Why don’t you
want to make more money? No, no, no. This is not… You can’t say
that I don’t want to make more money. Sure, I want to make more money, but more important,
I don’t want to work more. And also this is for me I am, I told you, I never wanted to
run a big business or something like this. I am really… And in the end I think I’m
a pretty down to earth guy and I don’t need much fancy stuff or jewelry or luxury, it’s
not that I don’t need it, even I don’t like it. So, for me, my priorities are little bit
different. What are your priorities?
Yeah. In the end just to have a relaxed and a good life and also that I, it is important
that I have enough time to also, to enjoy my life, you know, to have something from
my life. I mean, well, what’s the sense of working 12 or 14 hours each day for your life?
And then you make I don’t know how much money, but in the end what do we want to do with
the money? And then it’s the thing, then you can only go out then you can buy expensive
stuff, yeah, and then you make much money, you have, you invest money in expensive stuff,
and for what? When you don’t have time for it. I mean, for what? This is… It doesn’t
make really sense for me. And, so, I’d rather try to focus that I, of course, I also like
to… don’t have to worry about things and I can pay my stuff, for sure. I think that
there we are all the same. But then I just want to have a relaxed life and… where I
don’t need to work that I also can enjoy my life that I have something from my life and
not try get rich, or try to get rich or earn as much as possible. For me it’s just a normal
job and I want just to do the job, to have a good income and that’s all.
That’s kind of interesting philosophy. I have never ever met a person like you in this
regard. But, you know, everyone should set goals, but when you set them too high, then
you probably you will never reach the goals. I mean, when you always want to get more,
then you always work more and you want to get more and you will never be satisfied because
you always, you know, you’re always hunting for more, for more, for more.
Can you say that you’re 100% satisfied with your life?
Of course not. I mean… No, no, but this has nothing to do with… I mean, I guess
probably no one is 100% satisfied with his life. So, but I would say I’m on a good way
and also I think that probably with a proper mindset you… Maybe I’m… I can easier get
satisfied than other people. So, yeah, that is the battleship Aurora, basically.
Most of, most of its crew joined the Bolsheviks during the Russian Revolution in 1917, and
actually the Revolution itself, October Revolution, was signalled, the beginning of the revolution
was signalled from that battleship. You see that gun? That’s how that happened. So, it’s
like real history in here. But what about the shooting, you know, on
the palace? That was not here or..? No, it was not here. That was, you know, have
you seen the Winter Palace, which is the Hermitage now?
Yes, yes. The place where we started. That is the Winter
Palace. So, they shot at the Winter Palace from, from that battleship, and that’s how
it all started. Yeah, that happened, like, a little bit over than 100 years ago.
Pretty impressive. And now we stand here watching that ship.
Pure history. Yeah, what… just what they say, that’s
where history was made. Yeah, and that had such a great impact on
the history of entire world, you know, that revolution.
What do you like more in affiliate marketing in terms of doing stuff, like, coming up with
creatives or analyzing stats or programming stuff or..? What do you enjoy the most? Or
probably everything? Yes, coming up with creatives, as I’m not
creative at all, and I’m also… I… I can’t come up with creatives because I just can’t,
you know. When I have ideas, I can’t get it on because I’m not a creative guy at all.
So, this is when it comes to creatives, but when it comes to creative mind, I would say
yes, but I’m not creative in terms of graphics or so, not at all. For me it’s really… What
I really enjoy is when I have an idea and about scripting and, you know, coding. That’s
probably what I really enjoy because in the end I never learn something like this and
I also, I can’t code at all. So, you have never properly learned coding?
No, I can’t, I can’t even do simple HTML, nothing.
And how is it possible then? How can you code your system?
Yeah, I would say I’m a problem-solver. And for sure in all the years I know more or less
how to read through the source code, I understand the syntax and I know more or less what can
be done with what and what not. As you’re working on your own, just alone,
I guess that many of your stuff is well automated? Yes. And also I would say some of stuff is
really done in a way that probably I am the only person who understands it.
Can you describe me your system? How is that automated? What do you use to run your campaigns
on automation mode? On automation it’s pretty…it depends on
what kind of stuff I’m running. For example, for…
You mentioned that you run pops. Yes. For pops it’s… In the end for pop that’s
pretty easy. Testing, see if you have initial success or not, if yes, next step would be
to try to, you know, find a good landing page, offer combination and you have some very good
converting set-up smart CPA campaigns, run them pretty much riskless and collect data
that you can use and you don’t have, you know, you don’t have to maintain the campaigns.
Platforms are doing the optimization, then you get out of that, you can then use for
CPM campaign set-ups, from the beginning pretty good optimized because you can work with statistics
from the smart CPA… So, it’s a kind of platform that does optimization
automatically for your campaigns. Traffic sources itself, traffic sources itself
who are doing the automation when they offer, you know, running campaigns on CPA, for example.
You have been involved in affiliate marketing for, like, mostly 14 years, you have been
working with traffic. What do you think about all those Google regulations in terms of advertising?
When you think about the Google update, and I think it was in beginning of last year also
when they wanted to crack down on the pop stuff and so, and when everyone was thinking
pops will go down, you know, there will be no pop traffic.
Yeah, we’re talking about it more or less. Yeah, and what happened there? Nothing, nothing
happened. Pop volume increased and it happened nothing. And I mean when you talk to the traffic
sources, yeah, you can be sure they also prepared. I mean, it’s not only we as affiliates or
so that… that hear about updates that are coming. Traffic sources, they evolved as well
and they also prepared for it. And then last month or when it was, you know, the famous
Chrome 71 update that wanted to crack down on this deceptive ads and on pops again and
that also wanted to crack down on carrier billing traffic. You know, there was a warning
page that should keep users away from signing up to because you don’t know how much you
get billed. And so, and in the end what happened? Pop traffic is still there. For me at least
nothing really changed. Do you think that pop under traffic is still
good for beginners to start? Yeah, sure. In my opinion, it’s not only good,
but it’s even the best for beginners. So, for… Because, on the one hand, we are seeing
it’s a very cheap traffic to start with. You don’t need such a high budget to start with.
What are you seeing? How much you should invest for starting?
At least $2,500 should be.. that should be the amount that you can afford to lose.
What kind of offers would you recommend for beginners to start from?
I would say most focus you should bring on sweepstakes, probably.
Sweepstakes? Have you experimented with sweepstakes yourself?
Yeah. But with sweepstakes I also… don’t get confused with sweepstakes. I don’t mean…
often when people say, when I say sweepstakes, I mean the conversion flow like sweepstakes
single opt-in, double opt-in LeadGen offers and also carrier billing sweepstakes. They
are also still doing good. So, Asian countries, sweepstake kind of offers,
pop under traffic, that is, like, a real combination for beginners?
It can, yeah, it can. It would be good because in the end sweepstakes… the vertical itself
is, I would say, is good because there are always new electronic devices or so. I mean,
every few weeks or a month there is a new offer with, I don’t know, Amazon gift card
or a local supermarket or whatever, and so, you know, you always have a new supply of
new offers, and also these offers are available for most countries. So, this is why it’s also
pretty good to focus on it. And yes, this and the vertical itself. I mean, everyone
wants to have a, you know, get a new iPhone for free or whatever. It’s something…
And for landing pages, what would you recommend to check firstly? Like, to go and spy or to
come up with your own ideas? No, no, never come up with your own stuff,
no. It’s just, you know… I mean, I understand it.
A friend of mine also he’s… he learned media design and he also was… you know,
doing media design when working in an advertising agency, but doing offline, you know, offline
advertising. And, yeah, when I talked with him I wanted to tell him about this affiliate
marketing thing, then it was also completely like a new world for him and he did not really
understand all the things because it’s pretty different. And so, when, you know, start and
even when you have experience or you designed websites before and I… especially if it’s
web sites and not landing pages, and in the end this knowledge you can just take it, put
it in the trash and start from scratch because there is nothing you can use for affiliate
marketing. But why do you think it is like that? I mean,
ugly works here and all… Because it’s different. I mean, when you…
in the end when you talk about doing a website and doing website design, you are talking
about more less content web sites and that, you know, have a, I don’t know, a navigation
or whatever. And for… for affiliate marketing, especially for pops, you just have a one-page
landing straight to the point, you know, you have… There you have another goal in your
mind when you set up these landing pages. And so, this is why I think when you have
your own ideas… But they haven’t changed over the past several
years at all, and I’m just wondering why they are still converting. I mean, people have
seen them for the last 10 years. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I really… I still, I could
wonder about it but I don’t do because in the end I just don’t care about it. So, I
don’t want to know why they are the converting the same. You know, when you see, when you
see commercials on TV and you ask yourself, why do they send it? I mean they, in TV and
in the big TV, they spend I don’t know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars or euros
or so to get the commercials out. And then we see the most stupid little movies and you
ask yourself, why do they do it? This can’t work, but, yeah, there’s only one reason,
right? They send it again in the end because it’s working and it’s the same with landing
pages. So, I also ask myself, why can I still run the same landing pages for two years or
so and they are still converting? But in the end, man, why should I care about it? It’s
not my problem. It’s converting. When you take these service site landing pages, I used
them about ten years ago already. And they’re still around?
Yeah, and they are still one of the strongest styles. And why are they still out there?
Because it’s still working. And so, in the end I’m… Really, I don’t care about why,
I only care about that they work. That’s all I’m interested in.
Do you think that in 2019 it’s still possible to learn affiliate marketing without any specific
IT or marketing background? To put it simply, can, I don’t know, a bus driver become an
affiliate with some effort? In the end, in the end, for sure. Sure it’s
possible. I mean, affiliate marketing is dead is something you hear for… since I don’t
know how many, how many years, yeah. Yeah, everyone is saying that.
You can read just recently, you can read it in forums, yeah, but I heard affiliate marketing
is dead, yeah. I heard it ten years ago already, affiliate marketing is dead. And then probably,
yeah, you will always hear. But I mean… The Internet is still there, the users are
still there, traffic is still there, the office are still there. So, why should it not be
possible to start? Yesterday when we were having dinner you told me that affiliates
are probably the smartest people on earth. Sure.
Wouldn’t you want to apply your intelligence in more useful social area? For society?
For what? I mean, really, what do you mean? Affiliate marketing is not something that
change the world. Have you ever wanted to, you know, to do something that has an impact,
good impact? For the world?
Mm-hmm. No, not really. I mean, I want to have a good
impact on my own life. And I think when everyone would just try to have a good and positive
impact on their own life, then we didn’t, then we wouldn’t even need people that have
a good impact on the whole world. That’s right. Ok.
Because of people like me, he stopped visiting streaming websites because of the annoying
advertising. Yeah, tell me are you not annoyed yourself
of, you know, deceptive ads? Not really. I mean, I think in my whole life
I also, I never used an ad blocker because in the end I’m a media buyer, I want to know
what’s running. And when these ads are deceptive and they are shown on a website, you know,
I rather… before I get annoyed, I rather try to find out if it’s working or not.
It’s kind of an advanced spy tool for affiliates. Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure. And I would rather
try to exploit it myself. I mean, in the end, what I’m doing is I’m living from advertising
and I’m running pops. So, I’m living from running annoying advertisements. And, yeah,
when I see something I rather get interested before I get annoyed.
So, Sebastian, now… Yes.
…when you are relaxed and chilled let’s talk numbers a little bit. Can you tell me
your most successful campaign ever in terms of profit?
Yes, and not only in terms of profit, but I would say it’s also the most successful
campaign in terms of workload. They had something running… it lasted for about six months,
I think. I had average ad spent each day of three dollars, three dollars fifty, not more.
And average profit per day rose between 800 and 1000 euros.
Jesus Christ. And it lasted for six months? Yeah. And I did nothing. All the work I had
is that each day in the evening I looked into the, you know, into the network, I checked
how much I earned. So, you were making like nearly $30,000 monthly?
A month, yeah. With no work at all. I mean that my workload each day was maybe about
10 to 20 seconds and even that I did not have to do, it was just checking the stats, but
apart from this, the campaign… this was probably one of my masterpieces and…
I guess it was well back in the day, right? It was in 2012 to 2013. So, yeah, some time
ago but not that long ago. I know that you also coach people.
Yes. Can you tell me why do you do that? Is that
for money or is that because you feel that you need, you know, to share all the knowledge
that you have? I really like or… I realize it really, it’s
a really good feeling to really, to help people. I mean, I’m running this affiliate stuff for
13 and a half years already, for almost 14 years, and I also ran some, you know, pretty
black, black hat and shady stuff and… So, this is what I call… for me it’s some
kind of karma project because there I see I can really help the people and they succeed
with what I did, what I teach them. And for me it’s that I really feel it’s an.. just
a really amazing feeling when you see that people who learn your stuff then succeed and
when you can really, you know, now is the point where see maybe the first time in my
affiliate career where I can, I can really give some value back.
You know that in the end of every interview we give some kind of bonus…
Yes, maybe. …to the people who, you know, just view
our show. Yeah, give me a bonus.
And I thought probably we can give, we can have kind of competition.
Yes. And as a prize we can have your, you know,
private one-to-one coaching. What do you think about it?
Sure, we can do it. Nice.
I mean, I’m all in for it because, yeah, maybe it’s a good chance for people who are not…
yeah, to start. To start a successful career in affiliate
marketing. And you can train them on pop-under traffic, right?
Yes. There’s something maybe we should say it’s not… This is not about affiliate marketing
in general and it’s really, what I teach is really strictly limited to pop traffic.
The rules for our competitions are pretty simple. Subscribe to our channel here on YouTube,
then comment on this video. Just give us an idea who would you like to see in our next
episode, who do you like us to interview. Elaborate on that. The best comment will be
chosen and an author of this comment will receive an exclusive one-to-one coaching from
Sebastian. Does it sound good for you? Sure, perfect.
Okay. We’ll choose them together. Okay, we can do.
Cool. Thank you very much, Sebastian, for this interview. Thank you very much for making
your way to Russia, to Saint Petersburg. That has been a big pleasure talking to you. Don’t
forget to subscribe to our channel. Here we talk to the most experienced and successful
people in the world of affiliate marketing. See you next time.

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