Server-Side rendering with Firebase: Live Code Session – Supercharged

Server-Side rendering with Firebase: Live Code Session – Supercharged

25 thoughts on “Server-Side rendering with Firebase: Live Code Session – Supercharged

  1. Hi @Surma,
    Firstly thanks for these great videos.
    I want to share one of my thought/need :
    We need decent and understandable videos for WebRTC, most of the content about it just works for a single page and except few of them there is a no updated and good resource for free(or affordable price).
    I read your blog post, it's really helpful but too short for creating a real project.
    Best regards.

  2. Firstly thanks for the video.
    I would like to know how to handle the login button rendering, when the page is reloaded it's visible for a brief period. What's the right way of storing this auth state? Should i store? Or default should be hidden and show when didn't auth?

  3. Interesting way of creating components with lit-html, clean and super readable :

  4. How about server rendering for pages that require users to be authenticated? How can the firebase session from the client side be used on the server side? At the moment I have a universal react app…

  5. Hi, I have a site created with Angular ( The developers made only the main page SEO ready. On user can create their profile and create individual skills, what results in additional (sub-) sites. Unfortunately, my developers can't make all pages crawlable. My question is who can do it?!

  6. this video is very cool, you could create a new video now 2019, like Using React SSR, like http2 – https

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