Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

Today’s question comes from
Matt in Mountain View who asks, “I have a parked domain
and want to launch a new website on it. Are there any pitfalls
I should avoid? Should I keep my domain parked
or put some sort of stub page there?” Good question, I’m glad to
clarify this because Google does have a parked
domain detector. You’ve probably seen this where
you land on the page, and there’s the lady with the
backpack smiling at you. And it’s like, click here to
learn more about whatever. And those pages aren’t
as useful. Users don’t like to see them,
and they complain when they do see them. So we do have a parked domain
detector that we run. And then when we detect the page
as parked, or domain is parked, then we try not
to show those pages in our search results. So the fact is, if you leave
your domain parked right up until you launch, it might take
a little while for us to recrawl that page and reprocess
it and for the parked domain detector to really
believe that it’s no longer parked. So my advice would be, once you
buy a domain, if you do intend to put something there,
a month, a few weeks, whatever, beforehand, just write
a paragraph or two or three and say, this will be
the future home of XYZ. We’re going to be the world’s
number one source of red widgets or blue widgets or green
widgets or whatever it is that you’re planning to do. And even if it’s mysterious,
just make sure that you write a paragraph of text or two. It’s not just an empty page or
a complete empty web template because we do to try to detect
that sort of behavior. But basically, differentiate
yourself so it’s not a parked page. And then that way, when you do
put on the full live site, we don’t have to learn that your
page is not parked, we can just instantly reindex and see
that you’ve got the content. So it ideally makes sense,
it’s relatively straightforward, but it’s just
a little tip because otherwise, if you’re parked
right up until you launch, it’s almost like
doing a U-turn. It takes us just a little
while to recalibrate and figure out that that page
is not parked anymore. So that small little bit of
effort often will help in trying to make sure that the
launch goes smoothly or that we’re able to find the content
relatively quickly.

40 thoughts on “Should I keep a domain parked without content before I launch the website?

  1. I believe the best approach is to have a placeholder page with some info on what your website/product will be about, along with some social links and newsletter subscription/feed so that interested visitors can keep up with the site status, and be notified when it goes online. Googlebot seems to like this approach too. 🙂

  2. Great info! thanks… I think if I were going to build a "coming soon" page I would take the time and put 2 or 3 paragraphs on it and maybe some images promoting what is to come. Wouldn't hurt to launch a social medai site for it as well giving it more authority.

  3. Great timing, was only discussing this with a potential client at the weekend.( and fortunately I said the same thing!)

  4. Great video thanks, how does Google treat "Maintenance Mode" type page, if while building a wordpress website and you use a "Maintenance Mode" plugin for a few weeks, does Google treat this a special way?

  5. My favorite part was when Matt told himself how great his own question was. By the way, thanks for this video. I now have a few domains I need to take care of… urgently!

  6. The thing is Google does have a "Parked Domain Detector". So don't leave your domain blank for months! write some paragraph about your new site. I saw some people put subscription on certain program/offering ealier. That is more creative and make use of parked domain!

  7. Thanks for the clarification, but here new question comes in mind like is that Domain earn Domain authority while it's parked or not.

  8. This happens a lot when a business is in development and design of the site. Most do not place much on the page stating that it is a business website and will be launched in a few. One good thing that could be done is to allow for people to subscribe to you blog or tell them that by signing up they will be notified of when the site goes live. a pre-launch strategy basically is what I am saying. Getting people to come before it is there.

  9. If I have a number of other domains can I point them all to my main domain and how will that affect the seo of my main domain (Good or Bad)

  10. Uh Oh – I have had a parked domain for a few years because I haven't had a chance to put some time and content into it. What are your recommendations to re-instate a "parked" domain into your system?

  11. Oh, I know where the question came from but watching the video sparked the comment because he always seems to say "that's a really good question." I guess it would have been even funnier if he criticized his own question… lol

  12. Simply an example. Instead of saying any actual brand or website, sometimes xyz is stated to give example that it can be used for any(one)!

  13. Instead of parking the page, why not add a few contents just to start with. From there you can slowly build the site so Google would never look at the page as parked to begin with.

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