SQL Server training :- How to implement Pivot?

SQL Server training :- How to implement Pivot?

12 thoughts on “SQL Server training :- How to implement Pivot?

  1. I appreciate the content, but the word is Pivot, a short / quick "i" and a short / quick "o", not like the word Boat or goat, it's almost pivet, just a side note.

  2. Hi , Thanks for making this video.

    However, I have a question :
    Is it possible to generalise this code, in case we do not know what are all the product names is a huge list?

    Here it is a simple example: we have shirts and shoes ( KNOWN), but suppose from my data of product names I have more than 100 products, Should I write the pivot code with all the 100 column names?


  3. trying to figure pivoting for the last 2 days, I went to a dozen of sites and did not actually grasp the plonker until watching this video. Kudos for the explanation, sir!

  4. Just found this now, but this is BY FAR the best explanation of SQL Pivot functionality. Thank you very much for a great video!

  5. tell me one thing .. if you have more than 100 product then u write 100 product hard code .. and day by day its increasing then your this method will fail .. please give solution for dynamic pivot

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