5 thoughts on “SR 240 Steptoe Roundabout Traffic Metering

  1. I've never seen this "metered roundabout" method before… But this is actually on my daily commute, so kudos for trying to solve this problem, which has plagued Kennewick/Richland for a while.

  2. Offramp roundabout with metering is desperately needed at so many places throughout the sound. On my way home yesterday I passed 4 offramps that had backed up onto the highway by 1/2 mile or more. Nice work, lets hope for more.

  3. This is more common in the UK, where roundabouts and rotaries are used more, and introduces a gap in the dominant flow of traffic when other entries back up past a preset point. Fort Lauderdale has a pedestrian crossing that has the same effect.

  4. Unfortunately the problem at this roundabout is that half of the original 2-lane entrances into the roundabout were reduced to 1 several years ago, in an effort to reduce the number and speed of cars entering from both sides of Columbia Trail into the roundabout, in an effort to increase safety. Now, they are going to add metering to one of these previously-reduced entrances, further backing up traffic to BOTH Columbia Trail entrances! What is needed is to restore the roundabout to its original 2-lane configuration and allow traffic to flow freely. When you already have a congestion situation, you cannot relieve this by further increasing the time it takes for a given volume of traffic to transit the intersection…all you end up accomplishing is increasing the congestion elsewhere in the intersection AND increasing the overall time it takes for traffic to clear the intersection! It is simple physics… volume flow rate=volume of fluid which passes per unit time…in this case fluid=cars (which are likewise in-compressible;-). If you reduce or delay the inflow, then the outflow is commensurately decreased, which increases the time it takes to empty the vessel (intersection).

    All this project will accomplish is further add to the congestion, especially on west Columbia Trail, which already backs up to Leslie, and sometimes all the way up Leslie to Gage…some mile and a half! Of course, this project, begot by the previous, will beget another project to fix the problems created by this project…ad nauseum. What we need is the application of some thoughtful engineering to this problem to arrive at a sustainable solution…PLEASE!

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