The 11 Things Ayesha Curry Can’t Live Without

The 11 Things Ayesha Curry Can’t Live Without

Entrepreneur tip number 27:
Always have a dewy glow. I opened this box and I was not expecting to see a slew of knives. Never seen a sexy tooth product before. Oh my god, my chai! My chai is saved and I
think it’s only because I took this out of the box. GoDaddy, I quit, and I’m
gonna take this with me. I quit, thank you guys
so much for the time as an employee. Hi, everyone. Thank you so– Thank you so much for
watching today’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle and we have a very, very
special episode for you today because Noodle got a new bed! But the episode’s actually
special for a reason separate from the bed. This is the Ayesha Curry episode. So for those of you who don’t
know who Ayesha Curry is, where the hell you been? Ayesha Curry is one of GoDaddy’s favorite, I will say this absolutely,
is one of GoDaddy’s absolutely favorite people
in the entire world. We’ve been working with her
for just under a year now, and it is absolutely
amazing to be able to work with someone who is
so, not only passionate about what she does, but
is so unbelievably caring and thoughtful and
committed to making sure that her community has a good experience with any of her products, whether it’s her cookware line, whether it’s her cookbook, whether it’s visiting her
blog, whatever it might be. This woman is truly a jack of many trades, and she is an unending
inspiration for so many people. Oh my god, she’s doing this wonderful charitable organization with her husband, and it’s called the Eat.
Learn. Play. Foundation, which is an absolutely
fantastic organization that they are fully funding to help underserved youth in their communities, and we are so excited to
be able to work with them. Now let’s get in the box. Okay, I’m already really,
really, really thrilled with what’s in this box because
the first thing that I see is a massive bag of dehydrated mangoes. I love dehydrated mangoes, so Ayesha, you and I are basically the same person. I also love these because
she’s a mother of three. I can imagine that this
is a really great snack to have around the
house, and they stay good for a long time, and
I’m not gonna open this ’cause I would open one
and give one to Noodle ’cause he also loves
mangoes, but I’m just gonna keep this closed. Super thrilled that that’s in this box. Okay, the next thing we’ve got in here. Oh, what is this? Caudalie Eau de Beauté. So this is a facial mist
and it’s another one that I’m not gonna use
because I don’t wanna use any of the product that you
could very much win yourself, but I can imagine that this
is really important to have for someone who is as
on-the-go as Ayesha is, and anyone who keeps one of these on is someone who very much understands that if they’re also out and about and they’re meeting
people and they’re taking photographs with everyone
and they’re on camera, whatever it might be,
it’s nice to feel ready and it’s nice to feel like,
I may have just gotten off an eight-hour flight,
but I have a dewy glow, so help me god. This is the entrepreneur tip number 27: Always have a dewy glow. Okay, so, the next item
we’ve got in here is, oh yeah! They’re sexy tooth flossers. They’re black and they’re,
ooh, they’re sexy. I’ve never seen a sexy
tooth product before. Once again, if you’re
someone who is taking a lot of photos or you just care
about your health in general, flossing is incredibly important. As someone who lived with
gingivitis for about two years, I can say, as a survivor,
that you don’t wanna go back. It’s not just that your breath stinks and you’ve got crap in between your teeth, it’s that your gum health is completely and totally related to
your cardiovascular health. Don’t know if everyone knew that, but if you watch 13 seasons
of Grey’s Anatomy like I did, you would know that. So if you floss, you’re not only taking care of your teeth, you’re taking care of your heart. So the next item we’ve got in here is, what is this little baby? An iPad Mini! GoDaddy, I quit, and I’m
gonna take this with me. Thank you guys so much for
the time as an employee. Wait, I’m kidding. I’m back! I want my job, but I also really want this ’cause it’s amazing. So it’s an iPad Mini. I don’t have one of these.
I would love one of these. Oh. Do you see how sweet he is? You know why? ‘Cause this is expensive. What’s also really
great about this is it’s not only is it portable, but
you can have text messages, emails, social media, anything you need, your GoDaddy website you
can manage on your iPad. You can really do anything with it and I love the fact that it’s super light and if you’re traveling
a lot, this is really something worth investing in, for certain. Okay, the next item we’ve got in here is, it’s a Moleskine. Got a lot of these in these boxes and I think that’s a
really important trend, is all of these
entrepreneurs, these people who have achieved so much, they write down their intentions, they
write down their goals, they journal, they reflect on the things that they wanna be better
at, and it doesn’t matter how old you are, it doesn’t matter what stage of your career you’re in. It is always important to
facilitate personal growth and this is one of the best ways to do it. Ayesha, you’re brilliant
and I think this color is also a really wonderful one that would complement you very well. And the next item we have
in the Ayesha Curry box is a book of devotionals. Okay, it’s a devotional. So Ayesha is a very spiritual– Oh my god, my chai! (blows air) And my chai is saved and
I think it’s only because I took this out of the
box at that very moment. So Ayesha’s a very spiritual person and I think that is something
that is super important to so many people, especially people who work very hard and people
who have to remind themselves sometimes why it’s worth
putting so much effort into these things and that
there is a much bigger picture and I think this is absolutely lovely. I could download this
book on my iPad Mini! That’s something I could do! Aha! Okay, so the next item
we’ve got here is… Oh, plant-based cleansing cloths. Billions of reasons why you need these. Wipes are amazing for
makeup, for children, for spills, for getting
chai off your laptop you just kicked over. Gotta have these. Entrepreneur tip number 37: You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to know the value of the wet wipe. So the next items we have
in the Ayesha Curry box are some Covergirl products. As a cover girl herself, I’m not surprised to see these in here, but I hear that these are the products
that she absolutely swears by and one of them is the
Eye Breezy Brow Micro Fine + Divine pencil crayon, which I’m sure a lot of people need. I certainly don’t. Thank you for zooming in on my eyebrows. I did nothing to them this morning. I literally just woke up
and they look this way. And then the other one
is the Easy Breezy Brow, so once again, Ayesha is
very clearly a brow lady. I think it’s safe to say that anyone who has seen her on the cover of
a magazine or what have you can acknowledge that,
but it’s so nice to see that these are, like, could you imagine Ayesha Curry just doing
her face for an event? I think that’s so cool and
these are the exact products that she uses. The next item we have in here is… Oh, look at this, the big Eat. It’s a big Eat. Learn. Play. sweater. So this is the foundation
that she and her husband, oh, my chai again! This is the foundation
that she and her husband have set up and it is an
incredible organization that helps the children of their community and it’s really wonderful
when you see a family of significant means and influence put that towards building a
better community around them. It really is one of those
things that you just read about or you listen
to and you’re just like, “Yeah, I’m gonna do more.
I’m gonna work harder. I’m gonna shade in my
brows and take the day.” Okay, so the next item that we’ve got in the Ayesha Curry box is… Knives. Three-piece chef set, ooh,
and they come with sheaths. So obviously, as a mom,
as a mother of three who loves to cook, having
your own cookware line is the peak, right? That’s the pinnacle, but
anyone, absolutely anyone, whether cooking is what you do
after a long day to de-stress or you collect knives. (high-pitched scream) I have started to get
a lot out of cooking. I used to be a Seamless gold star member. Honestly, I still am. If my order is wrong, I will call them, say speak to the manager,
they look at my account order history and they literally
give me what I need. So it’s one of these
things where if I have a lot of people over and
that’s something that I do on my downtime, right? I work really hard every single day, and then I go, you know what? I need some bomb new knives
’cause I need to make a charcuterie board. (inhales deeply) And the final item in the Ayesha Curry box could not actually fit
in the Ayesha Curry box. It’s a book! No, it’s a Keurig, I’m totally kidding. Ayesha also is a woman who is on the go. She is a mother of not only three kids, but three young kids,
so something tells me that she loves a strong brew coffee and you can’t have that
without your K-Cups. Between these and the
knives, you’ve kinda got everything you need to
start the day out right, especially if it boils down
to making a nice breakfast or if someone breaks in,
you gotta defend yourself. Not totally sure, but you could do it. That’s the Ayesha Curry box. That’s it. I’m so, gosh, I’m so thrilled by the things that were in here. I was expecting to see some of these and then some of them, I was not. Lest we forget the mammoth-sized
bag of dehydrated mangoes that really started this episode off hot. But again, thank you so much for watching. We at GoDaddy are so thrilled
to be working with Ayesha and to have her as a part of the family empowering communities across the country and across the world,
and it couldn’t have been a bigger pleasure to help share her box. And if you liked this video, please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel and don’t forget to ring the bell so you can get notifications every time
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Ayesha’s dewy, dewy skin, thank you so much for watching and we hope to see you next time. Thank you so much for watching. Please make sure to subscribe on YouTube if you did like watching this video and be sure to tune in next time.

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  1. I love the things she put in the box. Would love to win. Noodles is so calm, is he always like that? Or is it the new bed?

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