The Logo Design Process Explained in 5 Minutes

The Logo Design Process Explained in 5 Minutes

23 thoughts on “The Logo Design Process Explained in 5 Minutes

  1. Hi guys, I'm just getting my feet wet with design work, I've subscribed to Photoshop CC but cash flows are tight when changing careers so won't have illustrator for a while. My Q is: as PS exports svg can I atleast produce good work with what features it has or am I completely gimped without illustrator for anything scalable?

  2. I think your video is not titled appropriately. You talked about 2% of the logo design process and 98% about technicalities. If your video was titled "the technicalities of logo design", it would be more accurate. There is so much more about the logo design process.

  3. Hi there,
    is it good to add design/creative at the end of your brand
    name. I hear mixed answers on this. Some people say add when starting
    off others says don't add it. As a graphic designer I currently I have
    design at the end of my unique name. It's been running for 1 year now
    but don't know if i should remove to make it shorter. Your advice would
    really help.


  4. Hello Roberto,

    Incredible content as always! I am starting a YouTube channel, and I was wondering how you went about creating your icon/profile picture?

    Thank you and keep up the great work!

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