Trump Lambasts Fox News For Hosting Pete Buttigieg

Trump Lambasts Fox News For Hosting Pete Buttigieg

100 thoughts on “Trump Lambasts Fox News For Hosting Pete Buttigieg

  1. On balance we need Buttigieg to go up against Trump, he would make Trump look like an Idiot pretty fast. Because they are polar opposites Trump draft dodging wise cracking bully that continues with the hold my beer crap vs. Buttigieg a decorated War veteran with articulate stealth comedy. This would not put Trump in the shade, but make him disappear into the cloud of "why the hell did we vote for that guy". I'm beginning to think, Buttigieg has the cohesive power to reunite the Un-united States. Question is who would be the best to run with him(Maybe Tulsi Gabbard) WHAT DO YOU THINK?

  2. Chris Wallace never says anything nice about trump because Wallace is one of Fox's TWO honest reporters. @dumptrump

  3. I've only heard of Pete Buttigieg yesterday and watched a few videos of him. And I already began to like him. He's young, and sounds wise and full of wisdom.

  4. I don't know which makes me sadder. That we've got a relatively stupid grown up 12 year old purporting to be the president, or how well he's been able to do with republicans with his shit show of dumb, lazy insults failure, and criminality

  5. You are such a phool tool Colbert – By singling out MP ,,he brings in the scrutiny- which will eventually disqualify him in the running as people see more of him and the taste sours – And you give the Prez free strategy advertising

  6. I hated the “ad” of women stuffing themselves into a sausage casing girdles to make themselves “look” slimmer… wtf

  7. POTUS Candidate Peter Buttigeig was on CNN describng his 'husband' & what a good "father" he would be. I guess that makes Peter a wife. So does that mean he will be the first female President of the United States?

    With this in mind, Peter, as a wife, have you ever wanted to wear a dress, have a baby or feel your husband deep inside of you… your gastrointestinal tract.

  8. opposed to the more refined methods of dems, destroy the middle class, ship away jobs, dissolve the constitution, the grotesque spectacle is the legacy of democrats.

  9. Yea good old Pete did that really damn well. To trivialize and then solid burn in damn near the same sentence, that's some masterful shit right there.

  10. Anyone who debates Trump should start using big words. It will get him really frustrated and even walk off the stage.

  11. Mayor Pete Buttigieg knows how to give Trump that first degree burn and Trump knows how to act when he’s jealous of another man.

  12. You don't have too. You can talk about something else. You do realize you feed the monster who is Trump by giving him attention, right?

  13. Are you kidding me? This nerdy moron gets these kind of views? It just goes to show all the mindless zombies that flock to this garbage, this clown makes me want to vomit. Why are they knocking Fox? Fox is on their side or are they too stupid to see? Disney owns Fox now and anybody with a pea sized brain should know that Disney is 100% libitard.

  14. I had no idea Stephen got his start in a circus tent – that would definitely give him a headstart on Trump's White House.

  15. So funny Stephen. Trump is an idiot….even Chris Wallace sees Mayor Pete's potential to be President in 2020. Mayor Pete has my vote for sure.

  16. but Stephen, it is all so much BS, that I can't stand to hear anything about Trump anymore, he is getting this country to messed up!

  17. Oh damn Pete!

    I like these guy. Seems to speak with some integrity! Welcome breath of fresh air from what I'm seeing here.

  18. "They forgot the people who got them there." No, dink. You forgot the people who got you there, which is why Trumpgrets are such a phenomenon.

  19. I wish Trump could stop worrying about what's happening on social media and tv. For him, image is what it's all about.

  20. Pete has charisma, presentation, fast thinker, super smart and respect for others. This is what the country needs to be saved. He also must have great plans for the country’s future. Hang in there! 💐

  21. I would like to see these Democrat Fox town halls be filled with an audience more representative of Fox News viewers.

    This almost seemed too easy and would be effective in changing the minds of Fox Newsers in my opinion.

    There should be more opposition from the audience because by effectively responding to criticism, your argument becomes stronger.

  22. lol I just love how PB is making it very clear that he doesn’t give a shit about Trump and the incessant vitriol that he vomits on Twitter, but he’s doing it in such a composed, mature, sophisticated way that makes Trump look even stupider. Go Pete!!!!!

  23. This show has become so boring. I remember when Steven was actually funny. Tbh I think he has a closet crush on Trump

  24. president pete might be one in a hundred or a thousand years, and actually for the good of ALL of us, just open up and vote for yourself

  25. I just moved to a new State (NJ). It's still a little stressful.

    Just saw this now, for the first time.

    That line of Trump "marrying TWO guys, and leaving them for a YOUNGER Guy", was just Comedy GOLD! Stephen, you never fail to make me laugh and brighten up my day!!!

    If we are very Lucky, maybe Trump will leave the USA for a YOUNGER Country! We should BE so lucky!

  26. Did someone on the floor step on a cable? Control room, you weren't hearing that high pitched squeak?

  27. I’m so disgusted with the MEDIA saying that Kamala Harris can take on Chump……I think Mayor Pete has the PERFECT temperament and comebacks to Chump….I support Mayor Pete to be the Democratic nominee

  28. Congratulations Chris ! It is refreshing to hear/see you being unbiased interviewing a variety of people with different points of view. Way to go!!!

  29. Fox: he's already making fun of your name and your looks, how do you deal with that?

    Pete: hey trump look in the mirror

  30. You know what? I look at Mayor Pete just like really start to believe of "Make America Great Again". #pete2020

  31. Buttigieg has a great intellect. Trump is a high functioning moron hurling grade school insults. The bitch is just out of his league and is outmatched…and he knows it. He’s just too dumb to understand why he should be embarrassed

  32. The more I hear mayor Pete speak the more I like him. He's very articulate, he has a good command of his subject and he makes sense. I agree that Trump must be afraid of him because he only picks on people he's afraid of and he's certainly been picking on mayor Pete. Well to that I say keep up the good work mayor Pete.

  33. Love it!!!

    Anyone else notice that woman in the audience laughed like a little Yorkie dog barking? At the the beginning of his monologue.

  34. Donnie boy, since you are living in an alternate world, don’t be envious, after all for you, life begins at 70, you go back to Kindergarten, learn your ABC’s (especially spelling, grammar, and geography) study well and read lots of books…stop playing too much especially golf since you have a 3-year old brain and no TV. Then when you get to be 80, try to enroll at Harvard (no bribes) and since you have a limited understanding of everything, try to graduate even just Cum Laude, and by the way don’t you dare carry a golden cane and a wheel chair made of gold!!! And don’t you dare emblazon the word TRUMP on your cane or wheel chair, it will help you go through life easier with lesser use of the word, “I” or “ME!” 🙄

  35. Pete is the smartest of any of the candidates, and the most accomplished–especially considering his age. It is interesting seeing the polar opposites of intelligence: Trump vs. Pete.

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