Unboxing Hypnotherapist and Master Esthetician Sakura Sutter’s Daily Essentials

There’s so much to learn about this that I just don’t. And I guess Noodle’s not a believer. What’s a smudge kit? You could also use it as a weapon. Abso-(beep)-lutely, wicker
baskets make me so happy. Smudge kit. I thought I was like, you gotta wipe someone out. Someone just created this brilliant cover and was like, “Go.” First, I’m gonna make you do paw. (Jonathan gasps) I wonder if I used too much of this? Hi, everyone. Thank you
so much for watching this week’s episode of Tools of the Trade. My name is Jonathan, this is Noodle and today we are going to be unboxing the Sakura Sutter box. Sakura Sutter is an
esthetician, wellness expert, hypnotherapist and radio host. And she is one of those people who has kind of been
able to do everything. She started off her
career as an esthetician, and she decided along the way that she went, “You know what, I think I’m gonna start
calling the shots.” And she did. In doing so, she founded
Sakura Skin and Mind, which is a business
that deals with skincare on a holistic level, that deals with both the physical and the emotional
attachments to your skin. And what I love about this is she sort of addressed
both of those, right? Like, I feel I can go to her and you’re telling me that you’re gonna make me
beautiful on the inside and you’re gonna make me
beautiful on the outside? How do you put a price tag on that? Okay, so the first item (laughs). It’s so cool. There’s so much in here! Okay, so the first thing we’ve got in here is, oh, well, is the chakra wand. Each one of these stones represents a chakra in your body. There’s like six or seven. I really don’t know and that’s why we need people like Sakura who do. And this is an incredible
tool used in healing. So I think what you do with this is you kinda leave it to
get charged by the moon or, if you have a pug, you can, you know, use their energy to also
charge the crystals. And then what you do is you, while you’re helping someone or while you’re going
through, maybe, for Sakura, it’s while she’s going through
a session with her client, she might use this to help
clear any negative energy that the client may have which, I can tell you by the way that this wand is just vibrating, Noodle is filled with negative energy. I could also, I suppose,
use it as a weapon. Anyway, the next thing
we’ve got in the box, oh, I don’t even know what to pick. “One Bad Bitch’s Dreams and Wishes: A Thought Journal for Goddesses.” Noodle, did you write this? Something I love about this, it’s literally just blank inside. Someone just created this brilliant cover, and was like, “Go.” Anyone in the world who starts
building their own business, whether you consider
yourself a bad bitch or not, qualifies as one. And I think this is a really great… Noodle, you’re a bad bitch, too. Well technically he’s not. He is male. But you can be a bad
bitch if you wanna be. I’m gonna clear his negative energies and I’m gonna give you a small snack. But first I’m gonna make you do paw. (Jonathan gasps) I wonder if I used too much of this. Maybe I took too much of his power when I put this next to him. Okay, we’ll keep this
away from you, Noodle. And I think it’s very safe to say that this bad bitch’s dreams and wishes was to eat that treat
without giving me paw, and that’s what I raised him to do. The next item we’ve got is something that I will be
walking out of here with. It is a brown sugar chestnut candle. Ooh, it’s soy wax candle, so this is that good good. I always love to have candles near me because they help to keep me, I wanna say, help keep
me grounded. They don’t. I’m still not grounded in any way, but I love when things
smell like cinnamon. This is super soothing.
This is great for setting up any kind of workspace that you’re in, whether you’re in the skincare business, whether you’re in the
holistic healing business, whether you’re in both, whether you’ve sort of forged your brilliant hybrid
business like Sakura did. That’s what one bad bitch believes. Okay, the next thing, oh my god, there’s a lot in here. Okay, the next thing we’ve got in here is a Mystical Shaman
Oracle Deck and Guidebook. Ooh. There’s so much to learn about this that I just don’t. And I guess Noodle’s not a believer. We’ll just have to work
on that in our off-time. Having something that you consult, whether it’s these beautiful
Mystical Shaman Oracle cards, or it’s a book of scripture or it’s a daily devotional book. I have a book that I gave someone one time that was called “1,001
Reasons to Be Happy.” And it was just a list
of, like, wicker baskets. And so whenever I was having a bad day, I would take it out of my bag and I’d be like, wicker baskets. Abso-(bleep)-lutely, wicker
baskets make me so happy. I’m not gonna take these. These will come to you, whoever wins this, but my intention is
that I’m gonna run away with everything in this box. The next thing we, no
I’m not gonna take that. I’m gonna take this small pink thing that I don’t know what this is. Oh, I’m so excited. What are you? Also, nice box. This is great. Oh, this is beautiful. Is this a pendant? So I’m not gonna take it outta this because this is gonna come to someone. I’m gonna put it back in the bubble wrap, but this is a really beautiful. It looks like a crystal quartz pendant. So I think this kinda goes along with this other beautiful
crystal creation we have here. There is a lot of utility
to having charged crystals in a business like this. And it’s very clear that
Sakura uses these crystals not only as tools for herself, but tools to actually
help further her business and to help make her clients have a better experience with her, whether it’s through
skincare or hypnosis or both. I’m just gonna tell ya, I’m
gonna be a client of yours. All right, the next
item we have in here is, oh great! (Jonathan laughs) She’s here! She put herself in the box! So one of the things about Sakura that a lot of you don’t know is she does have the ability to transform into a small
canister of nut milk, which is a gift you only
get through consulting Mystical Shaman Oracle cards. This is an oat milk, which my coworker Erin absolutely loves. And, a milk frother, bam. So I am gonna put two and two together, and assume that she loves her lattes. Whatever job you’re doing, whether it’s something that
starts early in the morning and you just need to stay awake or if it’s just a creature-comfort thing and you really love the ritual of having a cup of coffee
or a latte in the morning. This is something that I desperately need because I like having a cup
of coffee in the morning, but my new apartment does
not have a coffee maker, so there’s simply nothing
I can do about it. But this is awesome. This is really great. It’s small. I love that you
can take this on your desk, take this on the go. Any entrepreneur needs
to have mobile tools and this is brilliant. Okay, woo! There’s a lot in this box! Noodle there’s a bounty in here. Okay, the next thing is a smudge kit. What’s a smudge kit? I’m wondering if this is
what she uses to hide bodies? Oh no, it’s sage! Oh, oh, a smudge kit.
I thought I was, like, you gotta wipe someone out. But it’s not. It’s sage. So I would argue that she
does have to wipe someone out and it’s an evil spirit. So this is something that
you use to cleanse a room. If you move into a new
space or a new office, oh my gosh, I just
started my own business, I’m in this room, I feel like
someone may have died here, bam, sage it out. Noodle is a real vessel for bad spirits, so I do think it would have been wise for us to have burned this
before we started filming. Oh, my gosh, the next
items we’ve got is a drum! And one of these sound balls. So this I can see for her
business, in particular, I can see being super important, whether it’s you just need to jam out. Right? You’re having a tough day and you’re like, I just need
to take it out on the drums. Or it’s just something you love to do. Maybe this is something
that she does to meditate. Maybe this is something
that, after a long day or before a long day, to end or clear a space or a session, she’ll use one of these. Noodle-pants. He has so much to say today. I’m really excited by these. I feel like if anyone is a musician, you can make a lot of this. Okay, so the final items
that we have in this box are a big bag of pistachios and Mentos. I love snacks. Nuts are sensible. Mentos are great. That’s it. That’s it. This is a great box. I’m going to enter to win this box. All right, we’re done with the box. Sakura, thank you so much
for curating this for us. I am so blown away by the tools that you use in your practice. And I hope that everyone
watching this video was inspired, was entertained and is also feeling like they have, should have a little more confidence in the little things that they need to get through their day. If you liked this video and you want
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