Understanding Copyright, Public Domain, and Fair Use

Understanding Copyright, Public Domain, and Fair Use

Whether you’re a local artist composing your own music or a massive studio filming the next blockbuster all Creators should understand how copyright public domain and fair use affect their work Although these legal concepts can be somewhat confusing. We are here to break things down into easily understood language Keep in mind that this video should not be taken as legal advice. Also, we’ll be focusing on copyright in the United States Copyright is the concept that original works such as writing photos or music Belong to the people who create them and that you cannot use Copy modify or publish that work without permission if you violate copyright It’s called copyright infringement. And you may face steep consequences such as lawsuits or criminal charges The vast majority of movies music books photos and other types of popular media are protected by copyright Generally those copyrights last for the lifetime of the creator plus 70 years after their death however, the duration of a copyright can vary due to its publication date and ever-changing copyright laws When a work has no copyright protection, it enters the public domain Content in the public domain can be used modified and published without permission or restriction This includes all works published prior to 1923 as well as works with expired copyrights creators can also place their content in the public domain if they desire Although you normally need permission to use copyrighted material in your own work. There is an exception called fair use Fair use allows you to use brief portions of copyrighted works without permission for certain types of use such as criticism teaching or news reporting However, fair use can get tricky for instance You may not be able to claim fair use if you use the copyrighted work for a commercial purpose or take too much of it When in doubt always? Respect the creator’s copyright and use as much of your own material as possible to avoid issues although copyright public domain and fair use can seem like giant complicated subjects You should now have a better understanding of the basics GCF global creating opportunities for a better life

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  1. Hey, thank you so much for enlightenment on the subject. It's quite essential to know more about copyright as I am a graphic designer.

  2. Hi . thanks so much for this video. I need to ask something about U.S public domain works. can someone in other countries use U.S public domain works? I mean , like watching a movie in public domain

  3. I'm working on a project for a class, may I embed your video into final project? I will also link to your video and website. (I also asked for permissions for another video of yours).

  4. So I uploaded an anime video where I got permission from the cover artist to use their cover. But I got copyright striked by a company that has nothing to do with that anime. Would it be possible to counter that strike?

  5. I wanna put a picture of idols on my credit card and the picture doesn’t have a copy right logo on it, do I still have to ask the people for the right of the photo to be used?

  6. So, if I use a pop trending song as background music, and I say it was from blah and the song name is blah its okay?

  7. Hi there! Am I able to use music as a YouTube intro from an artist that’s less than 10 seconds? And I was going to put the link to the music video in my description box. Does that work?

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