Uplinkcreativestudio.net – Testimonial / Review Dewaweb Cloud Hosting

Uplinkcreativestudio.net – Testimonial / Review Dewaweb Cloud Hosting

Good afternoon, my name is Yupi Sugianto, from uplinkcreativestudio.net, we are in web-development industry, focusing on development We work together with many agencies in creating campaign or digital campaign, micro site, and more along those lines. In another hosting company, I’m not going to mention the name, their response and the server were very slow, maybe because Dewaweb is the first to provide cloud service. In my opinion, the service is good and their response is very fast. Dewaweb’s customer support has great knowledge, so when we ask them questions,
they don’t answer just for the sake of answering. It shows that they have a good basic knowledge.
So we didn’t get frustrated when asking questions. The feature I like is RapidSSL, it helps our client websites to become https and even though it’s RapidSSL, I think RapidSSL is a plus point for my customers to make their website more secure. I always recommend Dewaweb using the affiliate program, if any of my friends are looking for a server and want to use Dewaweb It is a tad bit more expensive than other hosting but I think it’s worth it compared to using slightly cheaper service with disappointing quality. The clients will be disappointed and ask “why is the server down?” and I have never, until now, since I started working together with Dewaweb I have never encountered down servers, so I think their service is really ok. If there was any maintenance, there was one time maintenance, we received ahead notice and it was performed on time. So the maintenance was at dawn and in the morning, the website was already back live again. I think it’s really good.

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