Watch Sarah Palin’s Most Embarrassing Interview Yet

we start with sarah pale surveillance out there doing the rounds
for her book uh… and she’s doing interviews action
front front had a she’s going to talk to of barbara walters and then bill o’reilly uh… let’s start with barbara walters because
on and and continue to be shocked at her lack of adult can’t understand how people can see it so lets show this year in and break it
up approved theater let’s go to quit number nine now let’s talk about some issues the
middle east their mom administration does not want israel to build any more
settlements on what they consider palestinian
territory what is your view on this i disagree with the obon administration on
that i believe that them to do a ship settlements should be allowed to he expanded upon because that population
israel is this going to grow more and more jewish people will be flocking to
israel in the days and weeks and months ahead and um… i don’t think they think about
it this region has any right to tell and israel that they attended your
settlements cannot expand even if it’s palestinian area ari believe that today jewish
settlements should be allowed to extent what should the u_s_ to go in
afghanistan to listen to the crystal to listen to
the appointee that president obama asked for the advice from the crystal gave the president the
advice and said we need centrally a surge strategy in afghanistan so that we
can win in afghanistan that means more resources more troops there it
frustrates me and frightens me and many americans that president obama is needed
to be around with the decision in afghanistan was what goal what should be
our ultimate goal afghanistan the people there the
government there should be able to takeover into have a more peaceful
existence there for the people who live there without american interference if
you will unemployment in the united states is now more than ten percent the highest level since nineteen eighty
three if you were president but would you do not unemployed i’d
start cutting taxes and allowing a small businesses to keep more of what their korean war
but they’re producing more of what they only n others so that they can start
reinvesting in their businesses and expanding hire more people stop
punishing them by forcing healthcare reform down their throats are forcing an energy policy down their
throats that alternately will tax them more and casa more to stay in business
culture that password ways of trying to fix the
economy you do have a way with words akkada like pcf let’s talk about
brockamp on on a scale of one to ten ten being the best way to breaking before there a lot of decisions being
made it i am probably the majority of americans
are not impressed with right now i think our economy is not being put on the right track because
we’re straying too far from finally from free enterprise principles
that our country and i questioned two some of
the did everything and am not and uh… hesitation with some of our national
security questions that have got to be answered for our country sought for it’s there’s a bit he’s a settlement
that she has any chance and national position i mean she was running for vice presidencies likely to run for president you can’t be serious maybe the followers of her they just they’re not up on the issues
and they don’t leak and they just think as long as he’s you know right wing mister one break it down for you so you
understand horrible mistakes that were in those
answers first off all there are more jus goin
israel all the time so we should put more of people that
settlements okay do you understand that if you want peace at all at least you
should address the issue of the palestinians in the whole arab world and
said if you expand the settlements there will be no peace process there will be
no settlement ok of the situation to in israel and palestine she
never even address that he made it seem as if like well you know people are
going on vacation on israel and you know other people are growing
population lives of growing so why not sure more settlers why not have other
palestinians if you don’t care adderall but the
palestinians in if u taker s read it’s the best and you think although she does exactly
what you say she doesn’t does during a flying whatever trapper todd about cities of
couldn’t care less about them right but even under that circumstance such me
about the peace process for the israelis can at peace he just doesn’t understand the concept
of what’s happening in israel in a previous interview with katie card after
you know anything about a mile so she went off over toronto started talking
about that he had no idea what was this she had no idea what the peace process
but is sold frightening this woman any chance ab all or being president as
anybody in the country who believes she should be president and then you go over to every at denison
so she grows up worded dick cheney planted in her mind
she’s like oh i heard a talking point of delivering he’s dead or he should just
do exactly what the crystal says yeah that’s really great if you’re the
president just follow whatever your general says and don’t put any thought
into haitian we have a non-military component uh… we win militarily what do we win
what is our altman interactive and barbara walters very smart follow
question says what is that uh… in afghanistan what do you want it
complicit all you know what i want now the
government there are no work well and happy for co-existence without american interference you just abdicated that we put into the crystals position
is that we put in forty thousand more troops weary of sixty eight thousand
their let alone the nato troops how is that without the american interfere what what is your objective act like how
he’s putting in the forty thousand extra troops gonna get you to your objective in
afghanistan she can’t put thoughts together he’s just been talking points in random
order how is that not clear to you i can’t
believe anybody in the country supporter fifteen hundred people showed up today and grand rapids for a book
signing coincide with all of the all right then she goes to domestic thanks all i know what i would
do and this is a big surprise i cut taxes split it’s only talking point they have
on domestic side and you know or her little i can understand any of
the cutting taxes so she says the netbook bush cut taxes and that’s what got us into this mess he
cut of any kind any kind until the economy collapsed as a
complicated question and it’s the did they come in in
collapsed just is a bit uh… tax credit but certainly in helping to stop in melb
our revenue and certainly didn’t help our deficit and bruce bartlett former reagan
and george h w bush adviser an excellent column or explain that the deficit has
got large or larger because of the tax cuts is super obvious and then of course
in other instances his blamed large deficits on obama our answer is to make
the larger the larger tax cut and then for their great statesmanlike backed out for look sarah every single one of your
answers looks back at school in your lingo believe that’s what she
said look i don’t mind people using profanity
m i’m down you have the people i use it i got uptight we don’t know what you’re talking about you can’t use words like that the rest of your statement made no god
damn sense at all state looked at of frightening man absolutely
frightening are you can’t bahut begin think about voting for this lady he doesn’t know what he’s doing if you like this clip lol both shows in what’s that that the
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