What is a Framework and Why use Frameworks

What is a Framework and Why use Frameworks

so what is a framework and why use
frameworks so let’s get started and I will start from the word framework so
obviously framework is a frame and a work so think about a frame and in a
frame what you will do if it is a photo frame you will put a photo
this means a photo which is going to put inside this frame has to be definite
shape definite size otherwise that will not fit inside this frame or think about
a frame as the frame of a house where you will build everything else so in a
frame of a house everything else is built around the frame and you will do
all your work around the frame it that means you are doing some work inside the
frame but we have talked about the frameworks like of web framework so what
we do in a framework we do coatings this means whenever you write some code in a
framework you have a specific skeleton predefined so this is actually the
framework but what exactly a framework are a web framework very defined by
other people’s so the arrangement in which software provides greater
functionality that can be extended by additional user written code as I have
told you frameworks are just give you some basic structure around which you
add your code to have a greater functionality of that system and don’t
worry about this picture I just got it from Google image okay
so then it allow standard way of creating applications and this is
exactly the most important thing because if you use free
obviously the framework forces you to work in a standard way in that way you
will also learn the standard procedure of creating some software or website or
anything you are going to design and your application will be more
standardized so what else we can do with the frameworks the functions defined in
a framework is reusable this means if you want to use a same functionality in
multiple places inside your project you can use that you don’t have to create
that function because framework has done lots of work for you for example if I
talk about the lateral framework on which I work it has many functionality
and if I talk about the single function which is just a use of eloquent models
then eloquent provide you some functions which you can use anywhere you want in
your project in that case you don’t have to write that functionality to get data
from the database and whenever you want to get data you just call that function
you don’t write anything from scratch so what a framework can do
okay so frameworks simplify the process of creating web applications how it’s
simplified let’s see okay suppose you are building a website from scratch so
what you have to do you literally have to create a empty directory and then
index dot HTML file or if you are using PHP then index dot PHP file then you
start from scratch and every time you do this for a new project is the same
process you will have to repeat the same process each and every time you start a
new project but framework do all these things for you you just have to start
from your logic from your point you don’t have to
start from scratch so it simplified the process of creating web app because it
simplified the things you can now focus on big picture of your project and all
these things save times and we know that time is
money so if you save your time you save your money and obviously you will make
money so in that way I recommend all these use any kind of framework because
it just gives you a quick start so why we use framework I think up till now you
are totally convinced that ya framework are good things but why we use
frameworks so you don’t have to start from scratch as I have told you you just
have to go get your framework and let’s start working on your project not from
the basics of everything else okay so this powerful girls is also a web
designer I think I think she has the keyboard in front of her so maybe she is
using any kind of framework okay so it hides startup thing and is sorry about
this picture but I think this is so funny so it had to start up things as I
have told you because you don’t have to worry about all the start of things like
creating the auto load file creating the sessions file creating some index file
these things you don’t have to actually worry about that because all these
things are predefined in a framework so it hide all these things and whenever
you start your project you just focus on the main part of your project and not
the other and the start of things okay so next is it just a way of processing
requests okay now think about this you are using a framework then you can use
routing systems okay this means whenever any user hit a URL on your website and
you can manage that URL and you can respond to that
request according to you and frameworks gives you an awesome functionality to
handle that request that means the routing system even the frameworks are
having the MVC pattern Model View controller system this is extremely
important because this is so famous that you don’t have to worry about how the
data flow from model to view to controller you just have to worry about
on your logic not the functionality and this implementation of framework is now
gaining and level takes it beyond that and it’s so awesome that you will just
love your coding experience so all these things are encouraging you to use
frameworks then it follows the latest pattern as we have talked about level so
again I will give you the example of level level provide you a pattern for
using the PHP in your project and it allows you to use the MVC system Model
View controller system it also uses the oops concept that means object-oriented
programming system and it also used the solid principle of PHP it uses new
designing patterns so if you use a framework then the framework designer
will all this time to time update that framework in that case you don’t have to
worry about the new technology or the new pattern which is evolving in the
world of designing web designing and development system you just have to look
about your framework and the designer of the framework will update its
functionality its pattern and they will inform you so in that case if you are
using a framework you will always be in touch of new technology new patterns but
it can also do a framework can use third-party packages or resources this
functionality is extremely important because if you are not using framework
you have to deal with lots of cool for using a single third-party package
or resources because every third-party package has its own documentation and
you have to read about that you have to check how you can implement in your non
framework project but if you are using a framework then the designer of the
framework always deal with the third-party project and they will
include that system in their framework and this simplify the process of using
that third-party package if I again now talk about the level Scout package for
searching passport package for API development it has socialite package for
social login it has many packages which are just officially defined and there
are thousands of packages available in the web which you can use in your
framework and obviously in just few minutes you will get a third-party
package included in your project so this is the very very very useful
functionality of a framework the use of third-party package so next is the
expandability you can expand your project according to you need you can
even have a smaller project in a framework and as the time goes you will
need to expand that project and if you are not using framework you have to
restructure every time you scale your project so whenever you use framework
framework is designed to handle greater functionality the scalability and
everything for you so it is designed for that and that’s why you don’t have to
deal the restructuring of your code because everything is super easy to just
make the flow more smooth ok so here comes the popular frameworks which is
firstly level Kahana tool PHP mfinney CodeIgniter falcon g framework then
framework cakephp Sturtz which is a Java framework then django to the present
frame then Ruby on Rails and so on so if you
are interested in learning that specifically lateral go and check out my
tutorial because here you will get to know everything about the level and also
if you want to learn these other frameworks just go and search about that
and using framework will change your life I will bet you so just start to
change your life don’t forget to subscribe and like bit films on Facebook
Twitter and Instagram if you have any requests just feel free to message me so
that I can help you in understanding some other basic concept so till then
good bye

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  1. Great enthusiasm, HIGH ENERGY LECTURE. Sounds better than my profs who sound worn down because they taught this stuff for like 20 years. Thanks!

  2. Good explanation. Now I understand. In a superficial level, frameworks are just skeleton codes for coders to fill in their own implementations. Unlike libraries which are coded functions waiting to be used by the coders.

  3. hi sir, can you make multiple authentication with seperate like admin panel and user panel with different login using Auth() in laravel 5.6.

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  7. We see some type of framework everywhere we go. Your local grocery store is a framework. Because without it you'd probably have to grow your own veggies, cut your own meat and house your own animals. That framework is in place to make gathering food easier. It doesn't always mean it's better but that's another topic. The same kind of goes for this. The man in the video understands what the manual steps are for making webpages etc…. So he can appreciate how frameworks you save time. It's when you understand the manual steps that you begin to appreciate the frameworks or shortcuts. Just like how math makes more sense when you already know how to do it manually before using a calculator to help out. Otherwise you'd use a calculator and have no grasp of how the numbers came to be. Thanks for the upload!

  8. So im going to attempt to simplify it, for myself, since im only beginning to learn code etc.
    What i gather, is a framework, is a collection of information and libraries consisting of chunks of already written complex code that performs functions, that you can use to do those functions, without having to write all of that code from scratch? is that correct?
    plus like help files etc etc.

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