What Is SMS Short Code Hosting for Text Message Marketing?

I’m Derek Johnson with tatango.com, and
I’m answering the question, “What is SMS short code hosting?” So, first off, let’s start with, what is
a short code? A short code is a five- to six-digit phone
number that is used by a brand to communicate back and forth via mobile message with their
customer. So, when you lease a short code, you have
to find someone to host the short code. You can’t host it yourself. A short code host can either be an SMS aggregator
or can even be a software provider. It really doesn’t matter. The SMS short code host is the person that
will keep the phone number, essentially, for your brand during the campaign, and will manage
the phone number’s connection to the wireless carriers. So, again, a short code host can either be
an SMS aggregator or can be the software provider itself. It doesn’t really matter. There’s no benefit, you know, to having
one or the other, but each one can provide SMS short code hosting to your specific short
code. And you’re going to need to find an SMS
short code host because you can’t just have a phone number floating out there. It needs to actually be connected to an SMS
aggregator or software provider. So, hopefully, that answers the question for
you, “What is an SMS short code host?”

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