Why Don’t Humans Have a Penis Bone?

Why Don’t Humans Have a Penis Bone?

There are 206 bones in the human body, and
yes, it’s the same for men and women. No, women don’t have fewer ribs than men,
and men don’t have one extra bone, if you know what I mean. You know what I mean. But several mammals, including our close relatives
like chimpanzees, do have that extra bone, so today let’s talk about why other animals
have penis bones while humans got the shaft. It wasn’t always this way. Researchers who traced its evolutionary timeline
found the penis bone, also known by its scientific and less fun name the baculum, first evolved
around 145 million years ago after placental and non-placental mammals split. This means that way back, our ancestors had
a baculum, and on the way to being human they lost it. The researchers put that about 1.9 million
years ago. Ironically, in the time of Homo erectus. The reason why we lost our baculum may be
down to our mating strategy. Baculum length in primates is closely correlated
with intromission time, which is how long the penis is inside the vagina. If a primate is going to spend a longer time
doing their monkey business, it helps to prop up their banana. What constitutes a long intromission? According to the researchers, 3 minutes, and
humans don’t quite make the cut. Our average time from penetration to ejaculation
is less than two minutes, so it looks like we just don’t need the extra support. There are primates like bonobos who copulate
for 15 seconds at a time, and yet they still have a baculum. This might be because they’re polygamous
primates, where many males mate with many females, meaning competition is stiff so they
have to be too. In other polygamous species, having a bone
in their boner will help keep them copulating longer, so other males don’t get a chance
with their lady. They are, quite literally, cock blocking. By comparison humans face less competition
for mates because of our monogamous mating strategy. And that along with short intromission times
may be why our baculum was lost to history. You may think we got stiffed, but I have some
news that’ll pick you up. Penis bones come in all shapes and sizes,
and while some of them are impressive and slightly terrifying, like the 2 foot baculum
of the walrus, plenty of them aren’t. Chimps, for example, have a baculum about
the size of your fingernail. In fact even without the extra skeletal bone,
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Carin talk about it on Wild Sex, here. Make sure you subscribe for more videos and
remember… Gorillas, with all their chest-thumping, only
have a 2.5 inch penis. Showing yet again, that we are all compensating
for something. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next
time on Seeker.

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  4. No fucking way humans on average have Sex for less than 3mins. Lol sometimes I have over 30mins to 3h. This would explain something else though.

  5. 0:48 and for the first time i will stop your video and won't continue it , and please , i think i mistaken this channel . don't talk as if 100% of humans believe in the monkey theory. if this channel is made for this sake, am sorry am leaving , bye.

  6. But monogamy is a social construct that happened 2,500+ years ago…consequently due to cost of taxes. It's still natural for most men to want or maintain relationships with more than one female at a time. The main problem is that associate doesn't approve too much and it cost too much money to be in a full on polygamic relationship. There is also religious bias too.

  7. Cool! it was my childhood dream to open a domain called "Walrus Baculum.com"
    thanks seeker now I will surely make the world a better place

  8. CORRECTION: Why dont MEN have a penis bone. fucking cucks…you will not normalize this…only MEN HAVE PENIS…AND ONLY WOMEN VAGINA.

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