Why I Switched From Nikon to Panasonic and Sony Cameras

– Sometimes you just
gotta make hard decisions. Hey everybody, this is Roberto
Blake at robertoblake.com helping you create
something awesome today. So today I’m gonna talk to
you about a rough decision that I had to make as somebody
who does video quite a bit and also does photography
and it was my decision to, after many years, leave Nikon
behind to embrace Panasonic as my primary camera system and Sony as my secondary camera system. So for context, I used to shoot
on Konica Minolta even back in the film days and that
was my primary camera system. I also had used every
other brand of camera you can think of at some point
for one reason or another. Ultimately, I decided
when I got into digital to prioritize Nikon cameras
and it was great for me and it’s been a fantastic experience and I still have a lot of
love for Nikon as a company. However, I’ve decided
that mirrorless technology and the features that go
with the mirrorless cameras are a better fit for what
I do since I prioritize video shooting. Also, I’ve decided that
full frame is something that I’m not going to be using as much. I’m gonna be using it on rare occasions and I like renting different
camera systems for that just based on what the job is
that I’m doing for a client. So, in terms of what I
want, the Panasonic system works best for my day to day
stuff as a marketing person, as someone who does public
speaking, it’s just a really convenient fit, especially
when it comes to travel, the compact size of the lenses,
and the options available to me shooting as a one man
band in front of the camera more than I am behind it, it
just makes perfect sense to me and it’s a great solution. In fact, I’m gonna be
getting the Panasonic GH5 which is the newest camera
they’re delivering in the system this year, so that’s gonna be
an amazing experience for me and it’s gonna help me get my work done a lot more efficiently,
better than if I invested in a new Nikon. When I’m really on the go
and I need to do something and I need it to be high quality
and I also need convenience and I don’t wanna have to set up either a wireless mic system or a
shotgun microphone system or do any of that nonsense, you know what’s really convenient? My Sony RX100 Mark V. It’s just the best overall travel camera you can buy on the market right now. Hands down. The Panasonic equivalent of
this is actually really strong as a competitor and I like
that it has touch screen but there are reasons that
I decided to go with the Sony instead and I’ll probably
cover that in another video. I’ve actually used the
Sony A7R2 in the past, I’ve borrowed that from
our friends at Lumoid, I should probably still
do a review on that, I lost a lot of the footage
that I wanted to use in that review but I think
I should still put it out for you guys so that you
have some understanding of why I enjoy that camera
and why it’s gonna be part of my system or it’s
successor might be part of my system at some point
along with the Sony A7S2. When I’m doing high end client projects, I think that those are great
cameras to use for when I need to do full frame stuff for
commercial video shooting. There are times when I’m gonna
be shooting speaker reels for people in the marketing industry. There are gonna be times when
I’m doing commercial projects for some of my other clients
that will require me to do a little bit higher quality video. And so for that, a full
frame camera that can handle low light situations makes a lot of sense. Now when you look at what
you get from the Sony line for about 2,000, 2,500
dollars in a camera body, you get a lot more bang for the buck there than you would with Nikon or Canon. When you’re looking at the APSC market, when you’re looking at
these smaller camera systems that are either closer to the entry level or the mid tier level, then, guess what? Panasonic is more bang for
the buck than Nikon or Canon. If you wanted to get a Nikon
D5500 or a Canon Rebel T6i, the Panasonic Lumix G7
crushes both of those cameras in just about every way you can think of in terms of practicality. Now when it comes to how
people feel about the overall image quality or sensor
size, I could see photography based arguments around that
but as a video shooter, I would always go to the
Panasonic over those two cameras. When it comes to being able
to adapt a range of lenses, the Panasonic micro 4/3
system just has more lenses that you can use at better
price range equivalents and, if you’re a travel
person, the size and the weight when you have to pack
all your other stuff, wireless microphones, shotgun microphones, tripods, bendy tripods, laptops, it just gets overwhelming, especially if you’re
a small bodied person, that’s a lot of weight and
when you can just trim that weight by using the smaller
camera systems and just lighter overall equipment, when the
lens for a single Nikon camera, when a 24 to 70 lens costs
more and also weighs more than the entire camera set
up that I’m using right now to film this video, I feel
like that’s a problem, I feel like that’s a
sign that maybe it’s time to go in a different direction. So, for high level photographers, I know you’re not gonna agree with this. For those people who just
love a bulky, heavy DSLR in their hands, you’re
not gonna agree with this. But for those of you who
want to do online video and prioritize it, for
those of you who are doing online photography in terms
of social media campaigns and marketing your business
and not trying to do high end print work, maybe
it’s time for you to switch from Canon or Nikon over
to Panasonic and Sony. That would be my
recommendation and if you are a professional photographer,
I would look really hard at the Sony system and what it offers and all of the adapters you can
use for your existing glass, I would say that that’s
something that’s worth exploring and a conversation worth having. So, in the comment
section, I’d love to know, what camera gear are you
shooting on right now and are you thinking of
switching or upgrading and if so, why? I would love to hear
your thoughts on this, I would love to explore
that conversation with you, and if you wanna know what
I’m shooting on right now, I have links to everything
in the description below or you can go to
robertoblake.com/youtubegear and you’ll see the gear
that I’m currently using for my YouTube set up. I have a variety of things that I use that are different budgets
and you might be surprised at how cost effective everything
I’m using actually is. Anyway, I hope you guys
enjoyed this video. Like this video if you like it, don’t forget to subscribe,
check out the other awesome content on the channel. As always you guys, thanks
so very much for watching and don’t forget, create
something awesome today. With whatever camera
gear you happen to have.

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