Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

Sometimes it’s cold out. In fact, this 2017-18 winter is breaking RECORDS
for how cold it’s been! The last year has seen over 10 and a half
thousand low temperature records broken. Prompting many to ask, is global warming even
real? I CAN SEE MY BREATH! If you’re one of the many who question global
warming during the winter, you’re not alone. Remember when
this happened? Snow?! How can we have a warm globe and ALSO have
snow!? The difference is… and let me speak plainly
here. WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE. Or, put another way, weather is MOOD climate
is PERSONALITY. You could tweet your hashtag current mood,
but that’s not your overall personality, right? When you think of the climate this way, it
makes a lot more sense. Severe weather TODAY? That’s a mood. MORE severe weather over years or decades? That’s Earth’s personality! Citing severe winter as the reason there’s
no such thing as global warming is like saying: ‘I’m happy today, so I don’t have depression,
bi-polar disorder, anxiety, or issues with anger.’ No one can deny that fluctuation is just part
of having a personality. In this case, the personality of Mother Earth
TODAY, is changing from how she used to be. And it’s troubling. Now, if you’re one of those who deny Mother
Earth’s personality is changing, you’re also not alone. There ARE scientists who aren’t sure if
humans are causing this climate personality change. To that I say, picture Albuquerque. From 1991 to 2012 there were nearly 14,000
peer-reviewed published scientific papers exploring climate science. 24 of those dissented and didn’t blame humans. To put those numbers in perspective, that’s
like saying every single person in the United States believes humans are causing climate
change, but the population of Albuquerque doesn’t. That’s pretty astounding. Would you believe Albuquerque, or literally
everyone else. Plus, even if YOU are just hearing about this
today, science has centuries of research on weather, climate, and the atmosphere. In 1824 a scientist named Joseph Fourier realized
the Earth’s atmosphere is what traps the sun’s heat — like the glass in a greenhouse. Next in 1859, physicist John Tyndall put some
CO2 in a bottle and realized it trapped heat! That was waaaay before accusations of a liberal
conspiracy hit the internet… Then, in 1897, geologist Thomas Chamberlin
wrote that the “conditions for life” might be subject to a delicate balance of CO2 in
the sea, earth and air! And if we release the trapped CO2 from one
of these, we could upset that balance. And that’s what we’ve been doing. It’s been over 100 years and we’re forcing
Earth to change her personality — to change her climate. The planet’s PERSONALITY is shifting, and
that’s reflected in her MOOD swings. Since the 1950s, winter storms ARE getting
worse. The heaviest storms happen when the surface
temperature is between 32 and 28 degrees. That’s still cold, Mr Snowball in Congress,
but it used to be much colder! This warmer air can hold more moisture which
means more snow, more rain, and less freezing. So, even though winter exists and one part
of Earth might be cold right this second, it’s still hotter everywhere on average. Record hot days are topping record cold days
three to one. And that’s because Fourier was wrong, the
atmosphere is not a sheet of glass. It’s a multilayered complex and ever-changing
system that we are still grasping an understanding of. In the end, the trend of our climate will
continue, with stronger storms, wetter weather, and eventually higher average sea levels,
less ice and who knows what else. Objective and documented observation says
that’s where this trail of moods leads. As the personality of our climate changes,
we’re going to have to live with a Mother Earth who is quick to anger, lashes out, and
is less kind to her human passengers. But hey, at least we can still pack snowballs
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complicated, and there’s lots of other things to consider here, but you know your opinion
is important. Also watch this video if you want more climate
science, and thanks so much for watching Seeker.

100 thoughts on “Why Severe Winter STILL Doesn’t Disprove Global Warming

  1. Why did they stop using satellite data and instead turned to the antiquated Earth based little "temp stations"? You know the ones proved to be WRONG! LOL Oh wait…the satellites didn't show the warming. No sky was falling! We better use the old, inaccurate tech to push our narrative!!

  2. ANY Global warming ENDED with the solar maximum cycle back in 2012. We are actually headed towards GSM (Grand Solar Minimum) during cycles 26/27. As predicted and modeled by Professor V.Zharkova . We are headed towards a mini-ice age. Politicians are NOT the source for accurate science.

  3. I believe in climate change i just don't think we as humans are solely responsible, there are many other factors to taken into consideration.

  4. a erupting volcano produces more co2 and other crap then the entire humanrace combined. from the start of our time on this planet . can you explain to me why the number don't add up?? theres more reasoning to disagree on climate change then agree on it bc its so skewed.

  5. Global warming is a big issue and it cannot be swept under the rug. It has to be fought against actively. spraying oceans with algea spores and planting whole woodlands has to commence in the near future or it could kill us all. But having said it – we're not doomed yet. It can still be done. Feedback loops can be controlled using active feedback. Which is exactly what is needed.

  6. Global warming is not real you dumbass bitches, there was global cooling in 1970 and algore said by 2015 new York city was supposed to be under water, also the ice caps aren't melting, when will you people learn that the earth goes through fazes and the heat rises and cools, there is no ice age and nothing will stop the earth's fazes unless another meteor or something hits it and the earth plummets into history

  7. The Earth's personality changed. I liked her before, I don't like the changes, it is like I don't even know her anymore.

  8. Weather is not climate…….until a heat wave arrives and suddenly the alarmists attribute it to 'climate change'. 'Climate change' is the biggest fraud in history.

  9. I believe in global warming, but not in human impact. Why? Because like you said years of research are proving it's not true.
    You're a short science show host, please tell me, what's the altitude co2 can reach? Only 15kms… But planet's warming is over this altitude, it's higher! So… how?
    Pollution is real… ozone? No! Why? Because this so-called hole happened exactly where uraneum mines were … And uranium causes blindness etc.
    A reality is not measured by how many people are saying it… It's by how accurate it is.
    Galileo was the only one saying it was round, 1 against the whole earth… and it's round!!

  10. thinking there's no global warming while everything is pointing to it is stupid. just because its snowing doesn't mean the over all temperature isn't getting higher and higher causing more problems for everyone.

  11. Yeah but I remember 10 years ago when we started having super hot summers and you guys were blaming that on global warming. You can't have it both ways we were saying hey that's just how Earth does things it has seasons of hot and it has seasons of cold. Climate is dictated by the average weather conditions throughout years. The area where I live we on average get one to two snowfalls and we've been getting that for years the amount of snowfall doesn't matter. We've also been saying that those years that were really cold war because of volcanoes erupting and guess what happened this year fall knose erupting people who don't agree with global warming don't agree with it because they don't see what's going on. They don't agree with it because it doesn't f**** make sense. Someone told you your house was going to fall down in 20 years unless if you replaced every 2 by 4 but you don't believe them in 20 years go by and your house didn't fall down and then they said oh well it's going to be another 20 years. And still nothing happens it's stop listen to them m********** so why should we listen to Al Gore.

  12. Look see CO2 is not the issue methane does four times the amount of heating then CO2 does. But we want to tax CO2. But we also want to text Farmers cows because they produce CO2. But termites produce more methane than cows not a little bit a significant amount. So what does CO2 and cows have in common. People can be connected by then. And what do government love people for taxes. They want to tax your CO2 and they want to tax the methane coming from cows it's all about f**** money nothing else. So they have to make up some b***** about the Earth coming to an end because we're overheating it. If you believe in evolution which most of you do did you would know that the Earth is did you would know that the Earth is billions of years old it's been through much hotter weather than what it's going through right now so why are you f**** worried about a thing. The Earth was able make make it through both the Jurassic and the Ice Age period and everything in between after and before them. PS the whole earth doesn't have a climate it has climates meaning there are warm places and there are places cold.

  13. Michelson and Morley were wrong then? I mean, everybody was telling you that electromagnetic waves must have moved into the ether and follow galilean classical relativity. Oh man, you just slipped a fallacy into a science video?

  14. The primary reason why climate change denial is strongest in America is because the dialogue has been hijacked by politicians in a political landscape divided by dichotomy

  15. First it was global cooling in the 70s then global warming, there is a fucking reason you idiots keep changing the goal posts. Now its climate change, that is a heads I win tails you lose bitch bet. If its cold its CC if its hot its CC. The scientists have to keep changing the computer models because they are wrong. This video is proof that they keep changing.. in fact that is the real change.

  16. The false logic of the band wagon fallacious argument is just laughable. Every one else believes it so I have to also. LOL. You are a target for some cult. Oh wait your in the CC cult.

  17. My goodness, American politicians are retarded… or maybe it's the demographic they pander to. Either way, it's ridiculous to deny the heaps of evidence.

  18. Great video. You sir are well informed. I couldn't tell you how many people I have tried to explain too people that and they just do not get it. Just wait till this summer.

  19. Saying; It’s cold out, Wheres global warming?
    Is basically like saying: I ate a sandwich today, Where’s world hunger?

  20. want to see a tightly fitting correlation to CO2 levels?
    try world population and CO2


    this has nothing to do with temperature rises but neither does CO2

  21. Just to be clear: Climate change skeptics aren't denying that some climate scientists are detecting warmer temperatures. Rather, their skepticism is based upon the following:
    1.) Instrumentation was not consistent prior to 1979. After 1979 (when a more uniform set of standards were implemented), temperature readings suddenly jumped. They've stayed similar since then. Prior to that, temperature readings were systematically lower. Some scientists even feared a coming ice age.
    2.) Some climate scientists make their bread and butter from what would be seen as a need to find and analyze climate change. Some have been caught "fudging their numbers." This leads some to ponder how widespread this might be and how analysis or even presented facts might be fudged to support an agenda (especially since there is much peer-pressure in the field and most climate scientists are employed by environmental organizations, climate organizations and academic with a predetermined view of climate science).
    3.) The planet is just now on the outer edge of the most recent ice age. It has been warming ever since. It was known as the Pleistocene Epoch. It began 2.5 Million years ago and ended just with the advent of human civilization (approximately 11,500 years ago). Thus, the planet has been warming from about half of that time. Some scientists have theorized that we are still in a period of normalization in terms of temperature. Remember: It was much warmer before humans ever roamed the world (even prior to the last ice age).
    4.) Some skeptics believe that the Earth is indeed warming; however, they view the cause to be in part or mostly due to celestial or non-human causes. For instance, solar activity (e.g., maximums, minimums, etc.) have a profound impact on weather. The path of the Earth around the Sun is elliptical. However, it is also influenced by gravitational fluxes from outer planets (at times). One of the strongest outer planet gravitational pulls occurred in 1982. In addition. the path of the Moon around the Earth in conjunction with those extra-planetary tugs may play a role in Earth's temperature. Moreover, volcanic activity is a low point in human civilization (over 12,000 years). Volcanic ash in the atmosphere is known to cause drops in temperature that can last up to a decade. There hasn't been very much in recent history — especially the last two decades.
    5.) Still, others might see temperature increases (according to gathered sources) as something that isn't quite so problematic. The climate is ALWAYS changing. It warms, cools and warms again. It will also cool again due to various climate cycles. The issues is that some politicians (like Al Gore) declare the end of the world by sensationalizing climate trends or pushing for political power over industry because of it. Al Gore milked the public from the extreme Atlantic hurricane season in 2005 (with Katrina and others) as "proof" of climate change. He even declared it to be "just the beginning." Yet, the next decade (2006-2016) was the weakest hurricane seasons on record. Gore had already declared many "worst case scenarios" as "indisputable truths" about climate change. Yet, none of his predictions have been accurate.

  22. yes climate change………..its getting colder………..like in the 1600s……….we are going ito another cool down …………..

  23. 0:48 –> 10hrs of this please (and make it mandatory for all politicians to watch)

    3:41 –> Trace solves Global Warming with shade…

  24. True one cold spell doesn't mean global warming is false,but increasingly cold winters over the years and cool excessively wet summers repeatedly does.That's what I and many others in the southeast USA have been getting lately.There is one form of warmin g that is real,urban heat islands.This is what happens when woods and farm fields get replaced with buildings,streets,parking lots,ect.Then that area will collect more heat in the day and lose it more slowly at night.So those areas do warm.Many weather gauges put out years ago on the outskirts of towns now really are warmer as the areas develop but away from such areas it's not happening.Overall earth is more likely to cool over the next several decades as the sun is now in a low sunspot cycle and that usually makes earth cool.

  25. NOAA again caught manipulating the data.


  26. Until we put AGW deniers & obstructionists into prison for life for treason for the mass murder & damage they have caused to others, I proudly wear my pin advocating bombing all prisons to free all prisoners, especially sex offenders & pedophiles, just to piss off stupid conservatards.

  27. This video is complete BS. How is it that global warming has now become climate change. Why did they not stay with global warming as their mantra. It seems simple enough to the temperatures are going up. Well the real reason behind it is that they have absolutely nothing to show you that shows the temperature has been increasing as a result of human activity. Sure temperatures of been increasing for 10,000 years Since the last Ice Age, but Rate of change has been dramatically decreased In the last couple of centuries. This guy babbles on about the mood of the earth as if we are a bunch of simpletons. How about less yap and more evidence. They argue that it’s so complex that the average person can’t even understand it. And that’s why they talk to us as if we are a bunch of children, mother earth is angry, she’s having mood swings. Wtf that’s the best you have.This is pretentious BS. He talks about record temperatures. How is this proof of a trend or even that this is out of the ordinary. The world has been setting record high temperatures for 10,000 years since the last Ice Age. They conveniently leave out this information. The idea that people can control the weather is ludicrous. The sun controls our climate. Is it not time that they produce the evidence that shows that people are responsible for climate change or global warming or whatever they want to call it now. Are we just not smart enough to interpret this information. Is this why take do not produce it and instead produce these condescending videos.

  28. CLIMATE CHANGE: The, oh-so-simple topic that some claim to understand so well to the point that they take the liberty to call others "idiots", "dimwits", etc. 

    Well, I got news for you!

    YOU ARE the idiots, dimwits, etc. Why? Because you take what SOME scientists claim (certainly NOT ALL) and you convert it to a certainty!

    You then stick with that certainty while you are no experts on the field, have done no personal research on the matter, so no possible ways to form a personal opinion and be confident about it (which in the case YOU CAN'T), just sheer dependence to what you perceive as a claim from authority figures on the field. 

    Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against experts, science, the scientific method, peer reviewing etc. On the contrary, I have been part of it. What I have trouble with is the confirmation bias and selectiveness of morons of this world.

    The confirmation bias that is readily transformed to bigotry.

    I have another piece of information that might shed a little light towards your moronic self (so as to take a glimpse of him/her in the mirror). 

    The man that formulated the chaos theory was a man by the name of Lorenz, a mathematician and METEOROLOGIST. While the fact that Lorenz was a mathematician gave him the tools to express chaos theory in mathematical terms it was the chaotic nature of climate systems that inspired his endeavours on the theory. 

    Chaotic systems are exactly what the wording implies, unpredictable systems that resemble more chaos than order. Now you people claim you understand and can predict the outcomes of a chaotic system (which by definition is impossible) like the climate.

    Good luck with that morons! 

    P.S. A good number of UNFUNDED leading climate scientists, nobelists, etc, are sceptical for the anthropogenic causes for the ever-changing highly dynamic climate but a bunch of low IQed morons are convinced about it, even though the very nature of chaotic systems is unpredictable. 

    Let's all together chant: Climate change!!!!

  29. Attention Global Warmist
    in the below graph as in all graphs that depict historic temperature and co2 data
    look at the graph LOOK AT THE GRAPH and notice that the temperature first rises FOLLOWED by co2 increases.
    this indicates that the TEMPERATURE FIRST RISES followed FOLLOWED by a rise in co2.
    when a global warmist sticks his / its head in the sand it first has to bend over to the sand and then insert its head.
    it doesnt simply stick its head in the sand without bending over first.
    when you approach a door that has a door knob you must first turn the door knob and then open the door.


  30. But severe weather is cited over and over again in the media as EVIDENCE of global warming. Sorry, but you can't have it both ways. And if we look at the long term record, there is NO trend toward increased severe weather over the last 100 years, no increase in tornadoes, hurricanes, droughts, etc.

  31. Stop calling it global warming. It's climate change. And we don't know for sure if this is human caused or cyclical. I kind of think it's arrogant to think that humans could cause this. But I don't think it's wise to continue on our current path, just in case it is being caused by us. If scientists want people to take it seriously, they need to use terminology that even the silliest among us have a hard time arguing against. Perception is everything, reality is nothing. If 2016 didn't teach this lesson, I don't know what will.

  32. People that can’t figure global warming is real are the ones who still believe dinosaurs had scales.

    Wake up mfs . How is it that a whole state size of ice melts – goes into the ocean – ocean moisture and condensation forms clouds- and how does you goes not notice that when the sun is gone the moisture is there. So April showers ? More like snow diseasters – the co2 emissions trap heat when the sun is present however when the sun goes away it’s like so damn cold outside at night is scary. And the heat were experienceing is also very scary . Imagine your sorrounded by cold air and when the sun rises it’s warm .

  33. Yeah but you guys were tooting a different horn when we were having really hot summers. That was also weather but you still classified it as proof for global warming. See this is my biggest issue with jumping on the bandwagon of climate change or global warming you guys say it's bad but you can't accurately predict what's going to happen. Hot summers are proof of global , cold Winters are proof of climate change, and it's just right out that just means the temperature isn't where it's supposed to be at it should be hotter or colder. There's no all encompassing outcome to show me that you guys are right. 1992 Al Gore 20 years from now sea levels will rise flooding New York and coastal areas. Never happened. Polar bears will go extinct know their population is growing. Save the rainforest that produces the oxygen that we need. No about 80% of the oxygen that we breathe is created by algae. Here's a thought maybe the ice at the North Pole is not supposed to be there in the first place. that's why it's melting.

  34. If global warming was a problem, the equator areas would be deserts. On the contrary, the equator areas are rain forest areas.

    Plant more trees to reclaim deserts. Plants need more CO2 to give you food and oxygen. More forests will also lower the sea level.

  35. catch this okay, what do you expect him to do with that snowball now? You are in the middle of a building.

  36. so, mood, is mood at moment, Big mood, an overarching feeling, feels, an intense feeling of varying length, and then, personality.
    Like: weather and climate are complicated like that too.

  37. Grand Solar Minimum is hitting main stream science. You won't be able to hide the decline for a 50 year cooling trend… better dump some more methane into the air like they did in commiefornia. Keep the temps up one way or another…

  38. Doomday and global Warming is at hand! This is only the beginning. The Bibel has told us in almost 2000 years that the Sun will burn people in the future. That this earth will burn up. So what can we do? Repent, believe in Jesus Christ and take Gods warning to our Hearts.(Rev. 6:13, Rev.16:8-9, 2 Peter 3:10)

  39. Global warming has been happening naturally for roughly 300 years ……. luckily so ….. do you know anybody who would like to return to the little ice age temperatures or to a meager 260 ppm of CO2 – which is severe CO2 starvation ???

  40. learn real physics.



    Outer "space" involves full inertia, AND it is fully invisible AND black.

    Great !!!!

    By Frank DiMeglio

  41. weather doesn't equal climate. then why does the media insist that extreme weather is proof of manmade climate change. double standard. is science really this gay?

  42. The earth has been going through these cycles since it's beginning, and will continue to. The hubris of liberals to think we can control weather. Liberals like banging their heads against the walls. Keep your laws off my Co2.

  43. I thought by now snow was suppose to be a thing of the past, the lower alpine and Scottish ski industry was meant to be finished. Wasn't all the summer sea ice meant to be gone by now. I was in Bulgaria earlier on this year, it snowed for five days non stop. I think the climate will have the last word. It would be better to prepare for global cooling, that will kill more people than global warming. Weather is created by the temperature difference between the equator and the poles. That will get more extreme with global cooling then you will get an increase in severe storms.

  44. The "weather is no climate" argument only applies to skeptics. When a hurricane hits the east coast watch all the MSM throw that out the window and start talking about global warming.

  45. Winters are getting colder than in past years. Every year the winter temps are lower and snow comes sooner.
    You global warming nuts were wrong and proof is here and more on the way

  46. 23 Nov 2018 – Had to come back to this today because 45 recently said severe East Coast 🌨 must mean global warming isn't real. Oy…

  47. Well in Hungary for like 3 or possibly 4 years Winters barely had any snow. Sometimes there was snowfall, but it didn't last long. I really want those white-for-weeks beautiful snowy landscapes in my country back even just for a day…..

  48. Climate change is dictated by the solar cycles and the position of the Earth's orbit, not humans. You people are idiots. The supporters of human-caused global warming haven't proven anything. So many of your predictions have been wrong. There have been several instances of the data being falsified (climate-gate anyone?). The warming during the 20th century was caused by a grand solar maximum (lots of sunspots). All the warm and cold periods of the past (Medieval Warm Period, Maunder Minimum, Dalton Minimum, Modern Maximum) have correlated with the Sun's activity. You really think CO2 (0.04% of the atmosphere) is more powerful than the Sun? LOL.

    The burden of proof is on you and you haven't met it. Peer-reviewed papers don't mean shit if their predictions never actually come true.

  49. Do believe that the Earth is getting warmer because the scientists said the sun getting hotter and there was nothing that we could do to stop global warming so all other stuff is Yaya or simply put bulshit

  50. A massage to all global warming deniers. Chemistry…. Heat a gas up any gas (earth's atmosphere for example) the molecules of that gas create more moisture (rain) and get more energetic (storms) simple high school stuff. Now turn on the news. See what's happening globally. Still think global warming is a hoax!!!????….

  51. Global warming is not just for the Us , in southeast europe where I come from I remember 20 years ago we had muxh more sbow during winters, now we barely Have snow maybe during 4 weeks we have snowfall 3 or 4 times and thats it

  52. Thanks! This was a very well-written, coherent explanation! Good job. As I was taught: "Climate is what you expect; weather is what you get." 𝓡𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲 𝓣𝓲𝓴𝓴𝓲.

  53. We are in a transition period of unpredictable fluctuations of temperature and climate extremes and highly disruptive weather of alternating heat-drought and cold-floods before it stabilizes slowly into a temporary normally cool or warm weather followed again by extreme heat and cold, droughts and floods, and then a mini-Ice Age followed by disruptive climates or temporary normal climates followed by a full blown Ice Age. Nobody can predict anything anymore. Our very own military satellites which are far more advance in climate and weather analysis needed by our military in conducting military activities are finding it extremely hard to predict and make a far more realistic weather projection months in advance!

    This transition period occurs between Ice Ages, and with it's sheer unpredictability of randomly alternating extremely hot and cold climates, alternating extreme floods and droughts, extreme winters and extreme summers, unpredictable rainfall patterns and changing rainy seasons all occurs during in times of wildly fluctuating solar cycles that alternates with no solar activities for most of the year, year after year. All of these things occurs between Ice Ages and are classified as "TRANSITION PERIODS"

    How unpredictable? We are suffering droughts and floods either simultaneously or alternatingly. In one part of the country severe droughts is happening and in another part of the same country severe flooding is happening, worst is severely high temperatures is occurring in one part while severely low temperatures are occurring in an another part of the country simultaneously.

    The weirdest is that some parts of country are starting to have springs and summers while other parts are still having heavy and dense winter snow and hail piling up. Storms are becoming unpredictable as well as the seasons and their durations. You can never tell when they will come in and go away, nor can you tell how long or short they will last, you can only hope that you have terraformed your land to take advantage of these problems and turn them into solutions like more dams, catchment and infiltration basins and elevated farming fields between them to guard against droughts and floods.



    Imagine terraforming your farm into long strips of elevated farmlands by digging long and wide and deep canals on both sides of a long and wide strip of land and then dumping the earth in the middle and compacting and stabilizing it. Thus simultaneously creating an elevated farmland 40 to 50 feet or more and having very wide and deep canal catchment infiltration basins for the snow, hail, storm waters, heavy rains to collect into them. And planting survivor plants like horseradish that can cover them all up as a permanent perennial living nitrogen-fixing mulch or as a perennial survivor cover crops against rain and wind erosions and by planting trees to produce the alley cropping effect and to act as wind breaks and snow breaks on your elevated farmlands and around the edges of your canal catchment infiltration basins.

    The aim is to simultaneously avoid the problems of droughts and floods, and to catch every drop of moisture to allow them to infiltrate into the soil to recharge the underground water aquifers that will be tapped during in times of droughts.

    The problem is that no present climate models can really predict it at all for all of them were rigged, and the only climate models that are reliable are those based on actual real time and real place solar cycles, undersea volcanic activities, ice core records, soil core records, deep sea bed records, hard rock core records, deep sea volcanic activity records.

    Fossil fuel burning has nothing to do it with. Natural coal fires numbering in the hundreds of thousands throughout the entire planet has been burning before, during, and after the last Ice Age and a single day's of greenhouse gases produced by them is equal to more than 300 years of industrial revolution! That still does not count the discovered 3 million active undersea volcanoes producing more greenhouses, of which only 300,000 has been properly surveyed.

    The thing is we must ask the right questions to get the right answers. That subject itself is the key to human survival. HOW LONG WILL THIS TRANSITION PERIOD WILL LAST and how should we re-arrange our agricultural planting patterns and with what crops. And which areas will retain it's original climate or recover their original climate after the transition period is finished and followed with an Ice Age which can either be a mini-Ice Age or a major-Ice age. And measures must be done to ensure the survival of human civilization. And how much time left do we have in order to implement such measures.

    That is until we added the Milankovitch-cycle and http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/2007/eirv34n09-20070302/06_709_sci.pdf and Mikhail Budyko, the leading Russian climatologist's scientific works http://21sci-tech.com/Articles%202004/Winter2003-4/global_warming.pdf

    However let’s assume that Budyko has been right and that everything, to the very ocean bottom, will be frozen. Will mankind survive this? I think yes, it would.

    The present technology of nuclear power, based on the nuclear fission of uranium and thorium, would secure heat and electricity supplies for 5 billion people for about 10,000 years. At the same time, the stock of hydrogen in the ocean for future fusion-basedreactors would suffice for 6 billion years.

    Our cities, industrial plants, food-producing greenhouses, our livestock, and also zoos and botanical gardens turned into greenhouses, could be heated virtually forever, and we could survive, together with many other organisms, on a planet that had turned into a gigantic glacier.

    I think, however, that such a “passive” solution would not fit the genius of our future descendants, and they would learn how to restore a warm climate for ourselves and for everything that lives on Earth. After this fluctuating global warming and cooling, extreme heat and cold, floods and droughts of unpredictable comings and goings and duration.

    And the lack of foresight by corrupt politicians to build as many hardened infra-technostructure to use the strenght of this transition period against itself to benefit man so as to give us more breathing space, an extended time period to prepare for the real global cooling period followed either by a mini-ice age or major glacial ice age but the biased liberal corporate media is so desperate to keep promoting their global warming lies that they are in fact committing suicide.


    Only Russia is well prepared which explains why this year we have exported a small portion of our surplus harvests of 50 million metric tons of wheat and other grains. But the amount of UNEXPORTED NON-GMO HIGH PROTEIN ORGANIC WHEAT REMAINS QUITELY UNREPORTED.

    Why? Because we are reserving the surplus 250 million metric tons (thanks to rock dust remineralization fertilizers and food grade activated carbon terra-preta soil treatment plus mixing the non-gmo/non-hybrid seeds with rock dust powder, food grade activated carbon, nitrogen-fixing rhizobial bacterial inoculants, and mycorrhizal fungi inoculants that allowed our crops to survive climate and weather extremes and changes and still produce enormous yields with a small amount of land) of wheat and other grains and legumes in our nuclear bomb-proof underground storage silos built during the Cold War and in the new ones that are deeper and more numerous. Not to mention the fact that we have hundreds of underground spirulina and chlorella edible algae (including other edible algae and edible aquatic plants) cultivating factories.

  54. I met this Professor Dolores of the Philippines in San Beda College when I was assigned there under the guise of a tourist and saw I his achivements in only using only sterile animal manure water nutrient mixture-rice husk growing medium using a plastic water container the size of a drum and placed inside a greenhouse and inside his laborator which is mostly covered with glass windows between the steel-reinforced concrete posts and beams between the top beam holding the steel-reinforced concrete ceiling-floor and the bottom beam below the steel-reinforced concrete floor-ceiling and I was in awe of the sheer simplicity and pure organic approach toward an ultra-simplified hydroponics set up that he has created that can accommodate ALL PLANTS OF ALL SPECIES OF ALL VARIETIES! And it is a TIME-TESTED AND TIME-PROVEN 1ST NON-CIRCULATING ALL ORGANIC HYDROPONIC METHOD IN THE WORLD!

    Unfortunate that third world scientists are deliberately removed from history because when I was still in active service as an analyst intelligence officer of the KGB in Southeast Asia, I met this Professor Dolores and saw his achivements and I was in awe of the sheer simplicity and pure organic approach toward an ultra-simplified hydroponics set up that he has created that can accommodate ALL PLANTS OF ALL SPECIES OF ALL VARIETIES BY JUST USING ONLY sun baked and sun sterilized water buffalo sterile animal manure water nutrient mixture-rice husk growing medium inside a large plastic water container drum!

    He said to me, in 1970, that the mixture of sun baked and sun sterilized water buffalo sterile animal manure water nutrient mixture is to provide carbon (and other nutrients) for the plants and rice husk growing medium is to provide potassium.

    But then I realized why not do something to improve upon it. Use a mixture of composite rock dust powdesr mixtures dissolved tp saturation point in water to provide the potassium (and other nutrients) and use food grade or public fresh water utility grade activated carbon granules made from either wood charcoal or bituminous coal to provide the carbon, I ask several scientist by sending a letter by courier back to the Kremlin.

    Sure enough they tested the idea and it succeeded, if some alterations added from their part of course. Now it is part of our C.O.C (Continuity Of Civilization Program) to ensure proper and high yield food production no matter the conditions are in a well ventilated greenhouse.

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