Windows 2012 – Radius server installation

Radius server installation on Windows 2012 The use of windows offers new possibilities to the IT environment of any company. This video will demonstrate how to perform the installation of Radius server on a Windows 2012. Netowrk Diagram Step 02 – Install radius service, Step 02 – Configure radius service, Step 03 – Test radius login In active directory, create a group of authorized users to authenticate using radius. Access the server and perform the installation of the function “Network policy and access service” When finished installing the service, click on the start menu and open the administrative tool named Network policy server. Register your radius server on active directory to authorize it to do queries to the users and groups database. Create a radius client Create a connection request policy Create a network policy In your workstation (the radius client), download the free tool NTRADPING and test the authentication using RADIUS. The user Vegeta will pass while the user goku will not. Radius server installation on Windows 2012

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